France must be tried before The Hague for arming and sending terrorists to Syria, Stresses Dr. Midani

It is hard to take that France, which claims democracy, prevents publishing information that contradict its official policy towards what is going on in Syria and even hoodwinks the public opinion by disseminating false reports.

 You can make sure that this is true through writing a comment saying – for example- 'Syria is fighting terrorism exported from 83 countries' on any article about Syria on the French media outlets' facebook pages.

"The comment will disappear in just three minutes."

This fact was uncovered by Dr. Aysar al-Midani in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Chairperson of NOSTIA [Network of Syrian Scientists, Technologists and Innovators Abroad], gave more clues about the false democracy of France.

She confirmed that if you order from any book store in France the following two books: "La face cachée du Printemps Arabe" by Eric Denecé, Directeur du Centre de Recherchesur le Renseignement or "le chemin de Damas" by: Huguette Perol, it will not be given to you because the two books oppose the French official policy.

Actually, the freedom of press that we have been hearing so much about doesn't exist in France.

"The Syrian TV channel website in France is available just from 6:00 till 8:00 am [local time]", Dr. al-Midani said, stressing that there must an independent  satellite for Syria so that the entire world can see what is going on in the country.

She underscored that many- if not most- of the French intellectuals do not know that that their country was occupying Syria from 1920 to 1946 and France committed heinous and unconscionable crimes there.

"French massacres against the peoples in Syria, Algeria and Africa would not be published."

The French officials and people have no idea about their country's current involvement in supporting terrorism in Syria and they do not try to delve for the reality because they blindly trust the fabricated reports of their media outlets.

Daily activities on Syria

"France holds daily activities to show that there is a 'revolution' in Syria for freedom and democracy, while it sends terrorists to Syria and provides them with materiel to destroy the country and  kill people and soldiers," Dr. al-Midani said.

She clarified that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have paid a lot of money to leading media and advertisement agencies in France to back the daily activities and attack the Syrian state.

"The Gulf States have also bought off the political and academic classes in France, Belgium, Germany and the UK. For that reason you can notice that all European research centers use the same terms against Syria,"

These countries- France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia- are working systematically to fabricate reports on the ongoing events in Syria.

"The former French minister of communication, deputy and senator and ex-director of Avignon Festival, Jack Ralites is working for the so-called 'opposition coalition' to promote for it."

'Disgraceful' attitude

Dr. al-Midani described France's attitude towards Syria as 'disgraceful', adding that France must be tried before The Haguefor arming and sending terrorists to Syria.

"As a French citizen, I denounce France's interventions in a sovereign state's internal affairs. I call on the French government to resign and compensate Syria for the damages and massacres in which France took part," she said, asserting that France complies with the orders of the US Administration.

Dr. al-Midani Added: "Economically speaking, France is not independent due to the fact that the US has bought all productive industries…France buys petroleum from the US."

Moreover, France is seeking to control all sources of Uranium in the world through military intervention in Africa."

On the other hand, she sees that China, Russia, BRICS states and Latin America could put aside the UN Security council that turned to be a platform for attacking the peoples' rights.

The political solution to the ongoing crisis in Syria is inter-Syrian and it took off since the beginning of the national reconciliation process.

However, arming the so-called opposition means fueling terrorism in Syria.

Jihadists' the cheapest fuel'

"Terrorism, which was created by the America Political geostrategic Zbigniew Brzezinski, depends on the cheapest and most active fuel – Jihadist sand mercenaries- to destroy Syria and to have hegemony over it," Dr. al-Midani clarified.

Those Jihadists [terrorists] and mercenaries have been defeated on several fronts in Syria by the Syrian Arab Army which is determined to restore stability and security to all areas nationwide.

President Al-Assad's wise policy

Regarding the Syrian presidential election, said: "I cordially congratulate President Bashar al-Assad on winning the election. He is great in preserving the homeland and unity as well as in leading the Syrian Army."

She stressed that the wise policy of Syria has pushed all political potentials to stand by it in the international meetings, in a reference to Russia-China vetoes and to stances of the BRICS states.

The chairperson of NOSTIA concluded by saying: "The network is at service of the homeland to rebuild the country and to upgrade it scientifically."

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour& Ibrahim Zaaboub