President Assad receives Congratulations from the President of Belarus: Confidence in Syria Elimination of Current Crisis

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad has received a cable of congratulations from President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on winning the presidential elections.

President Lukashenko expressed confidence that Syria will eliminate the current crisis and continue under the leadership of President al-Assad the fight against terrorism and foreign interference in its internal affairs.

On behalf of the people of Belorussia, and his own behalf, he expressed peace and prosperity for the friendly people of Syria.


President Lukashenko  expressed keenness to strengthen and develop bilateral relations between Belarus and Syria in all fields for the benefit of the two peoples.

President al-Assad also received other cables of congratulations from Syrian, Arab and international bodies and figures, on winning Presidential elections in Syria.

Senders of the cables indicated that the Syrian people proved to the world that they are the only decision makers in determining the future of their country, expressing confidence that under the leadership of President al-Assad of Syria will enter a new renewable phase to proceed in the eradication of terrorism and consolidation of the Supreme Constitutional principles and the rule of law.

The cables also expressed hope that Syria under the leadership of President Assad will enjoy security and stability.

The cables were received from head of the National Council of Western Armenia Ermnag Abrahamian, the Association of Veterans in the Republic of Moldova, Ibrahim Jaafari, head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Samih Khreis, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union, Ahmad Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National conference and Hammoud Yahya Henawi Sheikh of the Muslim Unitarian community in Syria.

T. Fateh