President al-Assad Receives Cable of Congratulations from Iranian president on Winning Presidential Elections

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad received yesterday a cable of congratulations from Iran ‘s President Hassan Rohani, on winning the presidential elections in which the Iranian leader stressed that the success of these elections reflected the will of the resistant Syrian people to strengthen their role in the political arena and maintain self-determination.

Rohani said that results of the election showed the Syrian people's confidence entrusted in President al-Assad and his intention to move towards stability, security and national reconciliation, expressing full confidence that Syria led by President Assad, is proceeding for peace, stability and national unity, will surpass the crisis through national reconciliation and building its economy.

More cables of congratulations from Arab, Syrian parties, personalities

President Assad also received yesterday more cables of congratulations from several Arab parties and Syrian figures noting the positions of President Assad's since the beginning of the crisis in maintaining a political solution that ensures the country ‘s security, sovereignty,dignity and free life, on the one hand and the uprooting of terrorism, terrorists, and extremist groups on the other.

The cables were received from the Secretary General of the Tunisian al-Thawabet party Shukri Sulaiman Hermassi, the Yemeni Peace Party, Regional Secretary of the Palestinian Arab Baath Socialist Party Farhan Abu Al-Hija, the Palestinian National Conference, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim and from several Syrian and Arab prominent figures and dignitaries.


T. Fateh