Nicaragua's Ortega Congratulates President Al-Assad on Winning Elections

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Jose Daniel Ortega Saavedra of Nicaragua  on Saturday congratulated President Bashar Al-Assad on winning the recently held presidential elections.

In a cable sent on behalf of the Nicaraguan people and government and on his own behalf, President Ortega hailed President Al-Assad's efforts to enhance stability and peace and to consolidate Syria's model as a country which seeks a world in which dialogue, solidarity and integration prevail.

Ortega said that holding the Syrian presidential elections and President Al-Assad's win affirm that the Syrians are peace-loving people.

President Al-Assad also received congratulation cables from Syrian parties, commissions and expatriate societies and from Arab and international personalities.

Senders of the cables reiterated that President Al-Assad's victory is an important step to attain peace in Syria and a clear cut evidence that the Syrian people trust their president as a national leader and support his policies which aim at maintaining Syria's sovereignty and unity.

They asserted that the huge turnout on voting indicates the Syrian people's rejection of terrorism, hoping that the Syrian government's efforts to clear the country from the armed terrorist groups will be a success.

They hailed the government's keenness to attain national reconciliation all over Syria.

The cables expressed the senders' support for Syria's steadfastness and determination to confront aggressors and conspirators.

H. Mustafa