President al-Assad receives congratulations from Russian, Venezuela and DPRK Presidents on Winning Presidential Elections

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ President Bashar al-Assad received today (Friday) a cable of congratulations from President Vladimir Putin, of the Federal Republic of Russia on the occasion of winning Syrian presidency elections

"Results of the vote clearly show the confidence entrusted by the Syrian people in President Assad," President Putin stressed in his message, expressing best wishes for President Assad’s continued success in leading Syria to what is good for the Syrians.

President al-Assad also received another cable of congratulations from President Kim Jong-Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, who is also First President of the National Defense Commission on the occasion of winning the presidential election.

In his cable, the DPRK President stressed that these elections constitute an important step in the struggle of the Syrian people to overcome all the challenges imposed by hostile forces and to safeguard national sovereignty and restore security and safety to the country.


President Maduro congratulates President al-Assad on election victory

For his part, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stressed that the results of the legitimate presidential election in Syria and the victory,President Bashar al-Assad has achieved, renewed emphasis on his leadership of Syria.

In a statement released by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry yesterday President Maduro described the presidential elections in Syria as an important step in its history, in showing the desire of the Syrian people to reach a solution to their crisis, expressing in his own name and on behalf of the Venezuelan people, congratulations to President Bashar al-Assad on this victory.

President Maduro reiterated the full support of the Venezuelan government for Syria in its quest to reach peace and condemned mercenary terrorists acts backed by several NATO members states and their allies in seeking to destabilize Syria.

Maduro reiterated condemnation of mercenaries acts aiming to destabilize Syria, denouncing the West's position in not recognizing elections in Syria, rather calling for continued war against it.

T. Fateh