MP Hazar al-Deqr to ST: Syrian People's Attitude Indicates Presidential Election Result

The clear-cut attitude of the majority of the Syrian people is an indication of the Presidential election's result that will be a slap in the face of those who have been involved in the crisis in Syria.

This is what the MP Hazar al-Deqr said in an interview with Syriatimes newspaper.

She expects a high voter turnout on the election day, set on June 3rd, because the Syrian people insist on practicing their democratic right to choose a president from three candidates- Dr. Bashar al-assad, Dr. Hassan al-Nouri and Mr. Maher Hajjar.

"It is the first multi-candidate election and it enhances democracy in our country," Eng. Al-Deqr said, adding that the US administration and its ilk have bet on gangs and they want the tailored democracy that serves their interests in the region.


They have used 'prefabricated pretexts' to hamper the presidential election which represents the Syrian people's will according to the constitution.

"Actually, the decision made by some countries to prevent the Syrian people living there from voting in the presidential election, set on May 28th for the Syrians abroad, had been concocted in order to challenge the election result. "

The result will be a slap in the face of all those countries that have conspired against Syria and they will step back for a while.

"I believe that that the Syrian state will impose its conditions for dialogue because it will be the winner."

Transparent electoral process

On the other hand, the MP noted that delegations from Korea, Russia and Uganda arrived in Damascus to observe the electoral process upon an invitation of the People's Assembly [Parliament]. .

"The electoral process is transparent. We have ballot boxes, candidates and voters. We, as Syrian people, are practicing our democratic right to choose our leader."

The MP underscored that the Syrian people do not need lessons in democracy from countries that have false civilizations.

The conspiracy against Syria was mainly targeting its deep-rooted civilization and its society that have been an example of co-existence.

'Canned' terrorist thinking

The conspirators exported what Eng. Al-Deqr said as 'terrorist thinking' through terrorists belonging to al-Nusra Front and the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant', but they failed to convince the Syrian people to accept it.

The Syrian people have a civilized and resistance thinking and reject occupation.

Sectarian entities

It is no good for the conspirators as they seek to fragment not only Syria but also the whole Middle East countries according to the doctrine and sectarian profiling with a view to justify the existence of the Zionist entity [Israel] as a Jewish State .

"Israel determines to expel all people, who are not Jews, from occupied Palestine to create the Jewish State. So it wants the countries in the Middle East region to be divided into various ethical and sectarian entities.".

Eng. al-Deqr noted that the Saudi Arabia doesn't pose a threat to Israel because it has no resistance thinking.

'Creative chaos'

Moreover, she clarified that Israelis living in the occupied Palestine were brought diaspora from all world countries to create the Zionist entity and they have no common civilization.

So, the best way to serve Israel's interests in the region was through spreading 'creative chaos' which was heard for the first time from the former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice few years ago.

What is going on in the region is part of the so-called 'creative chaos' that aims at killing and creating mayhem.

Grand conspiracy

In fact, the conspiracy against Syria was grand, but the steadfastness of the Syrian people, army and leadership have indomitably foiled it.

Eng. Al-Deqr pointed out that the international economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people precipitated hunger crisis in order to put pressure on the Syrian people.

She concluded by saying: "I am proud of being Syrian because my country is a resistance country and it has a key political and regional position."

Some 16 million voters

It is worth noting that names of 15.845.575 Syrian persons- inside the country and abroad- have been registered in election record and they have the right to vote in the presidential election, according to the Interior Ministry's statement.

The statement said that there will be 9601 polling stations containing 11776 ballot boxes nationwide.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour & Ibrahim Zaaboub