Voters to Show ID at Polling Stations Inside the Country

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Syrian citizens who illegally left the country could cast their votes at the border centers during the presidential elections, chief of the elections' Higher Judicial Committee says.

Judge Hesham al-Sha'aar declared today that there would be ballot boxes in the border centers inside the Syrian territories for the Syrian citizens, who illegally left the country, to vote for  the forthcoming presidential elections.

As for the Syrian residents abroad, the judge noted that the election record includes their names and they can vote using their valid Syrian Passport as an identification on May 28th.

"The Syrian residents inside the country should show their ID at polling stations to cast their votes," al-Sha'aar added.

Transparent elections  

On the other hand, the judge stressed that any citizen has the right to come to the polling stations to observe the process of elections and mass media outlets have the right to make live coverage of the event. 

The Judge's remarks came during the first meeting of the Elections' Higher Judicial Committee held today in Damascus.

Sub committees comprised of honest and highly-qualified judges in provinces were formulated in the meeting.