Syrian Historical Moments

The countdown for the historical presidential elections in Syria began with the Syrians being hopeful that these elections will save the country from the ongoing war and establish a new national political era that perpetuates political pluralism in the country.

Syria's sovereign decision to hold presidential elections on time reflects the Syrian people's determination to uproot terrorism from their homeland, restore security and stability to the country, reconstruct what the armed terrorist groups had damaged and build Syria on stronger democratic bases; democratic bases that are absent in many countries, mainly the Gulf ones, which have been conspiring and participating in shedding the Syrian blood.

Elections are to start as the steadfast Syrian State (people, leadership and army) is pressing ahead with battling international terrorism and its supporters. They are to be held amid serious challenges embodied in the incessant crimes perpetrated by foreign-backed armed terrorist mercenary groups against the Syrians and in the West's growing pressure to abort this democratic constitutional process.

Neither the bankrupt West and its tools in the region nor those calling themselves "opposition coalition" have welcomed the decision, because they wanted Syria to have a foreign-made puppet president who brings Syria back to the era of military coups and instability.

A huge wave of unjustified hysteria was noticed among members of the so-called "opposition" abroad and their western and regional supporters as soon as Syria announced that presidential elections would be held on time. Some western officials gave themselves the right to interfere in Syria's internal affairs by claiming that holding the elections would disrupt political settlement in Syria; the same political settlement which the West and its allies had foiled in Geneva because of their deep involvement in supporting terrorism and bloodshed in the country.

The coming era is expected to witness more terrorism escalation by the armed groups aiming to weaken the Syrian people's will to choose their hoped-for president. But the West and its allies in the region should realize that, whether they accept it or not, elections are coming and that the terrorists' random mortar attacks and car bombs won't frighten the Syrians or prevent them from voting to their President.

All who are following up events in Syria can notice how eager the Syrians are to participate in elections. They can also feel how great the popularity of President Bashar Al-Assad is among his people and how much support he enjoys.

The majority of the Syrian people support President Al-Assad, because they see in him a guarantee for Syria's future security, stability and prosperity. For them, he is the charismatic wise resistant leader who has protected his country against takfiri terrorism and colonialist schemes, maintained the state's national unity and sovereignty and defended just Arab causes and rights. He has been the type of open-minded statesman who has supported coexistence and believed in reform, modernization and development based on people's needs and aspirations.

Today, Syria is getting ready to go through a turning point in its history whereas anti-Syria media outlets are dedicating their efforts to belittle the country's democratic elections and falsify facts to mislead the public opinion by trying to convince peoples of the world that the situation in Syria is not suitable or ready for holding such elections, but again this won't weaken the Syrians' will or prevent them from choosing their leader.

H. Mustafa