About 1500 Polling Stations and 5.000 Ballot Boxes for Presidential Election in Damascus

DAMASCUS,(ST)_There would be about 5.000 ballot boxes and  1500 polling stations in all the quarters of Damascus, Dr.Besher al-Sabban said on Monday.

Damascus governor, who was speaking in a meeting with the chiefs and committees of Damascus's quarters, underlined the importance of containing the big increase in the number of the displaced persons coming to the capital due to the current circumstances.

6 million residents in Damascus

"The number of residents in Damascus city reached up to about 6.000.000 people" the governor said.

He called on the chiefs and committees of the quarters to provide the governorate with their suggestions about the best ways to facilitate the process of the presidential election to be held on June, 3rd for the residents in the country.

On his part, Secretary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party's Damascus Branch, Jamal Qadri, said that participation in the forthcoming presidential election is a national duty.

B. Qaddour