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PA Notified of four New Presidential Candidacy Applications

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Speaker of the People's Assembly (PA) Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham announced on Sunday that the PA had received four new notifications from the Supreme Constitutional Court SCC saying that Mrs. Sawsan Omar Haddad, Mr. Sameer Ahmad Mu'alla, Mr. Mohammad Firas Yaseen Rajouh and Mr. Abdul Salam Yousef had submitted applications of candidacy for the post of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Haddad, Mu'alla, Rajouhand Yousef had submitted their applications for the SCC attached with necessary documents, thereby increasing the number of presidential candidates to six.

Earlier, the PA was notified by the SCC about two presidential candidacy applications submitted by MP Maher Abdul Hafeez Najjar and by Dr. Hassan al-Nouri.

The SCC will continue to accept candidacy applications until May 1st, 2014.

Presidential elections were set for May 28th, 2014 for the Syrians abroad and for June 3rd, 2014 for the Syrians resident in the country.

H. Mustafa