List of Approved Presidential Candidates to be Published Five Days after Closing Date, SCC Spokesman Says

DAMASCUS,(ST)_The Supreme Constitutional Court has received no application for registration as a presidential candidate on Friday, the court's Spokesman said.

Lawyer Majed Khadra told reporters: "Any citizen who sees that he is qualified to lead Syria and satisfies the conditions of candidacy has the right to run for presidency."

He confirmed that the court will never interfere in the election campaigns of any candidate.

The lawyer made it clear that the list of approved candidates will be published in the state-run newspapers five days following the closing date for candidacy, adding that grievance requests could be submitted in three days after rejection of any candidate's application.

The court will continue receiving applications for registration as a presidential candidate until May,1st, 2014-by the end of work hours.

So far, the MP Maher Hajjar and Dr. Hassan Abdullah al-Nouri submitted applications to the court.