Lavrov Stresses Need to Oust Remaining Terrorists in Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held his annual large press conference on 16 January, having addressed the results of Russian diplomacy in 2018 and touched upon, among other issues, relations with the United States, the European Union, NATO as well as the crisis in Syria, nuclear arms reduction, and the much-hyped Trump-Putin Helsinki summit.

On Syria, Lavrov said, according to Sputnik, that after the US troops withdrawal from the Syrian territories, armaments, territories and military facilities under US control in Syria should be put under "the control of the Syrian government, the Syrian Armed Forces and the Syrian administrative structures, with the understanding that the Kurds should be provided with all necessary conditions".

Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Rejected by British Parliament

The Brexit deal, painstakingly agreed upon with the EU by PM Theresa May last year, has ultimately flopped, as MPs said a firm no. The failure brings even more uncertainty to the fate of May’s cabinet and the whole Brexit process, RT reported.

UK parliament voted down May’s Brexit plan on Tuesday by 432 votes to 202 – a margin of 230 – following lengthy debates on the matter. The vote was originally set to be held in mid-December, but was postponed amid fears that MPs would reject the unpopular deal between May and Brussels.

NATO Expansion in EU a Cold War Relic: Putin Says Russia Doesn't Want Arms Race

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday in an interview with Serbian media published Wednesday that Russia does not want a new arms race.

“We will not close our eyes to US cruise missile deployment [in Europe] and its direct threat to our security. We will have to take efficient retaliatory measures. But as a responsible and sensible country, Russia is not interested in a new arms race”, he said, according to Sputnik.

According to the Russian president, Moscow sent in December to Washington certain proposals on keeping the INF Treaty. Moreover, Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia is ready for a serious dialogue with the United States on the whole strategic agenda.

US needs to learn from its successive failures in region: Ghasemi

TEHRAN– The spokesman of Iranian Foreign Ministry Bahram Ghasemi has condemned anti-Iran remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the UAE.

In a Monday statement Bahram Ghasemi, the spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned recent remarks against Iran's peaceful missile program by Pompeo in the United Arab Emirates, saying that the United States must learn from the successive failures of its warmongering policies in the region.

Iran in Economic War with Enemy: IRGC Commander

TEHRAN– Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari highlighted reasons behind financial problems facing the country and said the Islamic Republic is in an economic war with the enemy.

In a speech on Tuesday morning, Major General Jafari pointed to Washington’s sanctions on Tehran and said, “We are in an economic war with the enemy.”

“If we rely on our own resources and indigenous Iranian and Islamic methods, we can resolve the problems much better than the present situation,” the commander said.

Presence of Illegitimate Foreign Troops in Syria Rejected: Czech MP

PRAGUE- The presence of foreign troops in Syria without the request of the legitimate Syrian government is rejected as it will only lead to tragedies, Head of the Czech Parliamentary Committee for Friendship with Syria Stanislav Grospic told SANA’s reporter.

Grospic added that the only goal behind that presence is to hinder the Syrian Arab Army's operations.

He condemned the latest Israeli aggression on the surroundings of Damascus City, asserting that Syria will achieve the complete victory over terrorism very soon and that is why leaders of the Israeli entity are afraid, SANA said.

Spokesman Denies Rumors of Iran’s JCPOA Pullout

TEHRAN– Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson quashed rumors about Tehran’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal and about Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s resignation.

In an interview with ISNA on Saturday, Bahram Qassemi strongly denied rumors about Zarif’s resignation, disagreement between the foreign minister and President Hassan Rouhani, and Iran’s pullout from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

He dismissed the idea that Zarif is going to resign or that there is a division between the Foreign Ministry and the administration, saying certain elements inside the country are insanely spreading false news to weaken the Foreign Ministry and its hardworking personnel, Tasnim News reported.

Kostelka: Withdrawal of US Troops from Syria Accelerates Solving the Crisis

PRAGUE- Former Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic Miroslav Kostelka has said that the withdrawal of US troops from Syria would speed up the solution of the crisis.

"The US withdrawal from Syria would create the suitable conditions for achieving stability in the country,” Kostelka said in a statement to the Czech “Parliamentary Papers” website on Saturday, according to SANA.

He noted that the world had changed and the United States was no longer the only dominant player.