Lavrov: Some Countries’ non-Compliance with int’l Resolutions Obstructing Settlement of Crisis in Syria

SOCHI- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blamed the non-compliance of some countries with international resolutions for hindering the settlement to the crisis in Syria, according to SANA.

 “Problems pertaining to the crisis in Syria are not in the Russian stance but in the hesitancy surrounding the implementation of international resolution no. 2254 related to this settlement,” Sputnik quoted Lavrov as saying during a press conference with his Serbian counterpart Ivica Dacic.

The resolution referred to by Lavrov has identified steps for a political solution to the crisis in Syria, stating that the solution should be in the hands of the Syrian people themselves.

UN Spokesperson: Efforts to Reach Political Solution in Syria Continue

NEW YORK – Spokesperson for the United Nations stressed the international organization’s continued efforts to push for a political solution to the crisis in Syria, SANA reported.

SANA said that Sputnik news agency quoted the international organization’sspokesperson as saying that a permanent solution to the crisis in Syria can only be achieved through a political process and the UN will make arduous efforts to push forward this process.

UN Secretly Prohibited by General Secretariat from Restoring Syrian Economy – Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Gebran Bassil and discussed Syrian issues.

The UN Secretariat secretly banned the organization's divisions from taking part in restoring Syria's economy, Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

"It turned out that the political department of the UN Secretariat really published and disseminated throughout the UN system a secret directive in October last year prohibiting organizations participating in this system to take part in any projects to restore the Syrian economy. Only humanitarian assistance, nothing more," Lavrov said, according to Sputnik.

Chinese Envoy for Syria Urges International Community to Participate in Post-War Syria Reconstruction

BEIJING, (ST)- China's Special Envoy for Syria Xie Xiaoyan has stressed that his country is conducting talks with all countries, including Syria, on the issue of fighting terrorism.

Reuters quoted the Chinese envoy as saying in a statement on Monday, "the Chinese side strongly rejects all forms of terrorism and supports enhancing international cooperation on counterterrorism in order to maintain regional and international security."

China Says to Continue to Advance Ties with Iran

 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday that Beijing values its relations with Iran and is willing to continue to advance mutually beneficial cooperation according to the development of the situation.

According to Xinhua, in a phone conversation with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Wang said that the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, is an important achievement of multilateralism in line with the common interest of the international community.

Adhering to the nuclear deal also conforms to the fundamental interests of Iran, he said.

Putin: Energy is one of The Priorities of Russian-German Cooperation

BERLIN - Russia attaches great importance to the development of mutually beneficial cooperation with Germany and energy is one its priorities, President Vladimir Putin told reporters before the talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Russia attaches great importance to the development of mutually beneficial cooperation with Germany in the political, economic and other areas. One of the priority areas is energy," Putin said.

The President recalled that "Germany is the largest buyer of Russian energy resources."

"In 2017, we delivered 53.8 bln cubic meters of gas, which covers more than 30% of the German market, while the consumption of Russian gas is constantly growing and this year it increased by 13%," he said.

China Refutes Pentagon Report Judging Military Strength, Urges US to Abandon its Cold War Mindset

BEIJING-The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Saturday voiced strong opposition to a Pentagon report on China's military development and security, urging the U.S. to stop making improper remarks.

According to China's Xinhua news agency, the ministry's Spokesperson Lu Kang made the remarks in response to the report released on Thursday by the U.S. Department of Defense hyping up the so-called "China threat" and "lack of military transparency."

Saying the report ignores the facts and inappropriately judges China's efforts in safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and security interests, Lu stressed that China, as a facilitator of world peace, a contributor to global development and a maintainer of international order, always adheres to a peaceful development path and defensive military strategy.

Russia Displays Terrorists’ Drones Shot Down over Three Days near Hmeymim

LATTAKIA- Journalists from leading foreign mass media have been allowed to see terrorists’ drones shot down over the past three days near Hmeymim while trying to attack the airbase.

According to Itar Tass, a group of foreign journalists touring Syria’s areas undergoing postwar reconstruction asked Russian military officials to let them see the makeshift drones terrorist use for attacks on Hmeymim. They were allowed to take a look at several improvised remote-controlled aircraft downed over the past several days.

Russian Defense Ministry official Major-General Igor Konashenkov said the past month saw an increase in attempts at committing terrorist attacks involving drones.