Report on human rights situation in Iran reflects UN dual standard policy

TEHRAN– A senior Iranian diplomat at the United Nations (UN) said on Tuesday criticized UN's report on human rights practices in Iran, saying "it reflects the dual standard policy of the organization."

Iran’s Counsellor and Permanent Representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly Mohammad Hassani-Nejad has condemned United Nation's double standard policy towards human rights, and slammed the lack the focus and attention to the economic and social sanctions against the people of Iran, according to the Mehr News Agancy.

US, Saudi Trying to ‘Whitewash’ Khashoggi Murder: Former US Diplomat

The administration of US President Donald Trump is trying to “whitewash” Saudi Arabia’s murder of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a former American diplomat says.

Speaking to Press TV on Tuesday, Michael Springmann, a former US diplomat in Jeddah, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia was an attempt by President Donald Trump to gloss over Saudi Arabia’s deeds.

 “This is absolutely astonishing, astounding, outrageous… you name the superlative,” Springmann said. “The Americans are obviously working to keep the Saudis close to them and the Saudis are working to keep the Americans close to them.”

Rouhani: Tehran Eyes Close Economic Ties with Europe

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani voiced the country’s eagerness to boost economic interaction with the European countries, warning against the plots to damage Iran-EU relations.

In a Tuesday meeting with Belgium’s new ambassador to Tehran, President Rouhani said Iran is ready to enhance economic, trade and political relations with the European Union members, including with Belgium.

Putin Comments on State of Russia's Economy

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin considers the current situation in the Russian economy to be generally positive, according to the transcript of the meeting on economic issues released on the Kremlin’s website on Tuesday. "The situation in the Russian economy is generally positive on key parameters," he said.

The president noted the dynamics of industrial output since the beginning of this year. "Industrial growth has reached 3.1% in eight months, including a 3.8% increase of manufacturing," he said.

Putin also mentioned the performance of enterprises and organizations in terms of fixed capital investments that went up by 3.2% in the first half of 2018. "Freight turnover is also rising (3% in eight months), same as retail trade (2.7%)," he said, adding that "those are important indicators not only of business activity, but also of consumer demand."

US unilateralism core problem of nuke disarmament

TEHRAN– Iran’s UN envoy Es’hagh Al Habib said Mon. that the core problem of nuclear disarmament is unilateralism, in particular the unilateral nuclear actions and policies of the United States.

At the Monday debate session of UN General Assembly’s First Committee (Disarmament and International Security), delegates voiced concerns at the possible breakdown of the Iran nuclear deal and discussed ways to get collective disarmament efforts back on track, Mehr News reported.

Amnesty International: US-Led Coalition’s Rejection to Admit Killing Civilians in Raqqa Terrible

BEIRUT- Amnesty International said that the US-led coalition rejects to take responsibility for killing civilians during the raids it had launched on Raqqa city last year, describing this rejection as ‘terrible", according to SANA.

SANA said that France Press quoted Amnesty International in statement as saying on Monday that hundreds of civilians were killed in the air strikes launched by the coalition, adding that the insistence on refusing to acknowledge the large number of civilian killed and the destruction caused to Raqqa is an insult to the victims.

US Unilateral Sanctions Violate Basic Human Rights

Iran’s envoy to the United Nations has slammed Washington’s ‘morally wrong’ measures against other countries, saying that unilateral sanctions amount to collective punishment and violate basic human rights.

Gholamali Khoshroo on Monday regretted that the US “is addicted to sanctions” and sees it “as a tool in its toolbox in pursuance of its own national interests,” Press TV reported.

“The morally wrong and ethically unjustified unilateral measures not only defy the rule of law at the international level but also infringe upon the right to development and lead to the violation of basic human rights,” Khoshroo said.

EU Foreign Ministers to Back New ‘Senseless’ Sanctions against Russia, Senator Says

MOSCOW - The European Union’s foreign ministers on Monday will endorse new sanctions against Russia over its alleged use of chemical weapons, Head of Russia's Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev said.

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Office said on Sunday the EU foreign ministers would officially approve at the EU Council meeting in Luxemburg new sanctions against individuals and legal entities, allegedly responsible for using and spreading chemical weapons.