White House: US Must Focus on Ousting Daesh from Region not on Future of Syrian President

WASHINGTON-The White House spokesman Sean Spicer has states that the United States "needs to accept" the Political realities on the ground in Syria, namely, that Bashar al-Assad is the sovereign country's president and leader, according to Sputnik.

" Rather, the US must concentrate on ousting Daesh from the region," Spicer added in a daily news conference on Friday.

Putin Sees Positive Changes in Cooperation between Russia and the United States on Syria

ARKHANGELSK- Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that he sees positive changes in cooperation between Russia and the United States on Syria.

 "Still in some sensitive areas, such as cooperation on Syria, despite all statements, the real cooperation is stepping up, deepening and broadening," Putin said at the Arctic forum plenary meeting on Thursday.

"We feel interest of our US partners in developing this cooperation, and this is a very good signal," Putin told the forum.

The Russian President pointed out that Russia intends to build partner relations with the United States while information on the contrary is lie, fabrications and provocations, according to Itar Tass.

Brexit Will Go Down in History as ‘National Failure’: Corbyn

UK’s opposition Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has warned Brexit will go down in history as a "national failure" if Prime Minister Theresa May fails to protect jobs and living standards in the UK.

Corbyn made the comments on Wednesday, hours after May formally triggered the formal, two-year process of withdrawing Britain from the EU.

"The British people made the decision to leave the European Union and Labour respects that decision. Britain is going to change as a result. The question is how," Corbyn said, according to Press TV.

US Missile Systems Can Lead to Nuclear Attack - Top Russian Commander

The Russian general staff has warned of the ramifications of the US stationing of anti-ballistic missile (ABM) systems in Europe and on warships patrolling Russia’s borders, saying the deployments create the potential for America to launch a nuclear attack on Russia.

“The presence of American ABM sites in Europe and ABM-capable ships in the seas and oceans close to Russia’s territory creates a powerful clandestine potential for delivering a surprise nuclear missile strike against Russia,” Viktor Poznikhir, the deputy head of operations of the Russian general staff, said at a disarmament conference in Geneva.

May Seeks 'Special Partnership' with EU after Brexit

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger the process of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (EU) on Wednesday, launching the two year exit negotiations likely to be the most complex London has held since World War Two.

Speaking on Tuesday, a day before London intends to invoke Article 50 of the EU Treaty, the mechanism for starting the Brexit process, May said Britain is facing "one of the most significant moments" in its recent history.

She said her goal was a special partnership with the EU after Brexit, but added that a "global Britain" could establish new alliances outside the union.

Iran, Russia Closely Cooperating on Fighting Terrorism

MOSCOW- Russia and Iran have confirmed their strong support for the Syrian government's efforts to fight terrorism represented by Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and other affiliated armed groups.

During their meeting on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani affirmed that Tehran and Moscow are  coordinating their efforts in the fight against terrorism and in the process of finding solution to the crisis in Syria.

Rouhani in Russia for Talks with Putin, Says Tehran-Moscow Ties Positive for Regional, Global Stability, Security

MOSCOW- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says relations between the Islamic Republic and Russia are “growing,” stressing that their mutual ties will play an effective role in promoting regional and international stability and security.

 “Undoubtedly, cooperation between the two countries will have positive effects on the regional and international stability and security,” Rouhani said in a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow on Monday, according to Press TV.

He added that Iran welcomes the expansion of relations with its neighboring countries in the region, particularly Russia.

Russian Defense Ministry denies terrorists’ claims about downing Russian helicopter in Syria

Lattakia – The Russian Defense Ministry denied allegations of terrorist organizations that a Russian helicopter was shot down in Lattakia countryside.

The spokesperson of Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim said that “All aircraft of Russia’s Aerospace Forces in the Syrian Arab Republic are at their bases or involved in routine missions. Claims made by terrorist-controlled media sources about a Russian helicopter allegedly being shot down have nothing to do with reality,”, SANA reported.