US embargo on Cuba slammed by UN for 21st year

The UN has urged the US to lift the 52-year trade embargo with Cuba in an almost-unanimous vote. Cuba likened the blockade to “genocide” and said it was disappointed that Obama had not taken measures to lift the disputed embargo, according to Russia Today.

Of the 193 members of the UN assembly, 188 voted to abolish what is widely perceived as an illegal blockade. The only two nations that got behind the US were "Israel" and the Pacific nation of Palau, while two countries abstained from the vote.

 This is the 21st year running that the UN has decried the American economic sanctions against the island nation.

 Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez addressed the assembly, voicing Cuban disappointment that despite Obama’s pledge to open a new chapter in Cuban-American relations on assuming office four years ago, no steps had been taken the lift the crippling embargo.

"The reality is that the last four years have been characterized by the persistent tightening of …the embargo," he said.

 The Cuban government has calculated that since the blockade was enforced in 1960 the total financial damage to Cuba’s economy is around US$3 trillion.

Rodriguez qualified the maintenance of the embargo as tantamount to “genocide” and a “massive, flagrant and systematic violation of the human rights” of the people of Cuba.

He criticized America for what he called a “costly double standard” for wasting “hundreds of millions of dollars from the taxes that are paid by US citizens in the useless and illegal subversion against Cuba.”

Minister Rodriguez’s speech was greeted by thunderous applause.

Iran Hosts National Dialogue Conference on Syria Next Week




TEHRAN,(ST)_" Iran  will host the Syrian national dialogue conference next week," said Iranian deputy foreign minister Ameer Abdul Lahyan .

 "The dialogue conference will include representatives of political factions , ethnic groups, minorities, and the Syrian opposition."Lahyan added in a statement to the " World News Channel in Tehran.

According to the channel,  more than 30 parliamentary figures , representing various  political spectrums will participate in this conference, which is  expected to take place on November 18, and discuss main possible solutions  to eliminate the current crisis in Syria.

Meantime, chairman of the  national security and foreign policy committee in the Iranian Shoura council Alaa eddine Boroujerdi discussed with  the Russian ambassador in Tehran Levan Jagarian  regional developments especially the crisis in Syria,

 The Iranian official stressed that the ongoing consultations between the Russian and Iranian officials would help promote stability and tranquility in the region, stressing the need to strengthen bilateral political, economic and trade   relations and boosting friendly relations between the two countries.

For his part, the Russian official stressed the need of continued political and parliamentary consultations between the two countries, noting that "political and parliamentary delegations  will improve bilateral and international cooperation between the two countries."


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Medvedev: Russia for Settling the Crisis in Syria through Dialogue

 MOSCOW, (ST) _ "Russia's position concerning the crisis in Syria is very obvious in calling for dialogue, agreeing on a political solution to the crisis and ending  the violence, " said the Russian Prime Minister Demitry Medvedev .

 Peace will not be achieved in Syria as long as some western countries  continue demanding the resignation of Syrian President and providing  weapons to the armed groups, underscored Medvedev in statements to Finnish media on the eve of his visit to Finland.

 The Russian Prime Minister regretted the unilateral positions taken by some countries in calling for immediate step down, while planning to arm the other party, stressing that the crisis in Syria will not be solved this way, rather this will lead to the fragmentation of the Syrian state.

 He indicated that events which took place in the Middle East and North Africa over the last two years did not achieve peace or stability to the region.


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Ready solutions for Syria can disrupt region's demography, stresses Armenia's President




PARIS, (ST) _Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan asserted on Tuesday that ready solutions for Syria can bring disastrous results and disrupt the demography of the entire region in an irresolvable manner.

In an interview with the French newspaper "Le Figaro", Sargsyan said: "It's hard to say when foreign intervention could be helpful or harmful", noting that solutions that succeed in one place could be tragic in Syria and could disrupt the demographic state of the entire region.

He added that his country will spare no effort to preserve peace in Syria and ensure the continuing presence of the Armenian community in it, noting that no-one can remain indifferent to the ordeal of the Syrian people.





Galloway: Qatar, Saudi Arabia Provide Money, Weapons to Keep the Crisis Continue in Syria

MOSCOW,(ST)_ "  The only way to solve the crisis in Syria is maintaining a dialogue between all the Syrian people",  said George Galloway, member of the British Parliament , adding that the West and some Arab and regional  countries do not want any solution to the crisis in Syria.

 "The United States and its puppets in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not want any solution to the crisis in Syria, as Qatar and Saudi Arabia  pay money and provide weapons and media propaganda in order to keep the crisis continue , "Galloway added in an interview  with Russia Today Channel on Tuesday.


"The West uses Turkey as a platform in the current events in Syria, as it was used before in Libya ,but the West  will never  allow Turkey to  join the European Union." he added , stressing that the government of  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has become a puppet government for the West.

 Galloway described Russia's position on what is happening in Syria as correct and wise, noting "I support the stance of Russia and China regarding  the crisis in Syria and the plan proposed by former UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan,  as ensuring  the optimal solution to this crisis.

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Three Rockets Hit Afghan Capital

 A rocket landed near the Afghan intelligence agency in Kabul and two others struck near the airport highway, according to Reuters.

 The rocket attacks were a reminder of Afghanistan's security challenges as most NATO combat troops prepare to withdraw at the end of 2014.

 Kabul Police Chief Ayoub Salangi said on Tuesday that insurgents positioned the rockets on the eastern outskirts of Kabul. He added that three civilians were wounded and one was in a critical condition.

 Militants have in the past launched several high-profile attacks in Kabul.

China for Abidance to Annan Plan to settle Crisis in Syria




BEIJING,( ST) _"China believes that the parties concerned in Syria should  implement the  six- point plan of the UN former Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, and abide by the  UN Security Council  relevant resolutions  and Geneva statement in order  to halt violence in Syria," said spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hong Li , on Monday.

The Chinese News Agency Xinhua quoted the Chinese official as expressing his country 's  hope that all sides in Syria will support  the mediation efforts exerted by the UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi.


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Syria 's Modernized Democracy built on UN resolutions, Geneva Statement : Moscow




MOSCOW,(ST)- " One who thinks of modernizing Syria democratically , while honoring  its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, should do so under the provisions  of the UN Security Council resolutions and Geneva statement", said  official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich on Monday.

"We believe that our prime mission is to work to stop violence , save lives and launch the political process in Syria." Lukashevich said in a statement quoted by  Russia Today (RT) site.

 On the efforts made by international and regional sides to form new clusters and entities for the so called Syrian opposition, the Russian official stressed  that this issue is for Moscow   linked  to "the willingness of members of these coalitions to settling the  dispute by the Syrians themselves without outside military intervention and through dialogue and negotiation within the framework  of the  Comprehensive Agreement stated in the final communiqué  of the International Working Group meeting in Geneva."

He noted  that Moscow continues  contacts with the Syrian government and all spectrums of the  Syrian opposition in order to convince them  adopt such a constructive attitude.

For his part,  the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that efforts to unify the "Syrian opposition" will be useful in one case, which is the  willingness to start dialogue with the Syrian government.

Gatilov wrote in his page on the social networking site Twitter "The unification of the Syrian opposition may be useful in the event of their joining the political dialogue with the government as stipulated in Geneva statements."


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