Galloway: Qatar, Saudi Arabia Provide Money, Weapons to Keep the Crisis Continue in Syria

MOSCOW,(ST)_ "  The only way to solve the crisis in Syria is maintaining a dialogue between all the Syrian people",  said George Galloway, member of the British Parliament , adding that the West and some Arab and regional  countries do not want any solution to the crisis in Syria.

 "The United States and its puppets in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar do not want any solution to the crisis in Syria, as Qatar and Saudi Arabia  pay money and provide weapons and media propaganda in order to keep the crisis continue , "Galloway added in an interview  with Russia Today Channel on Tuesday.


"The West uses Turkey as a platform in the current events in Syria, as it was used before in Libya ,but the West  will never  allow Turkey to  join the European Union." he added , stressing that the government of  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has become a puppet government for the West.

 Galloway described Russia's position on what is happening in Syria as correct and wise, noting "I support the stance of Russia and China regarding  the crisis in Syria and the plan proposed by former UN envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan,  as ensuring  the optimal solution to this crisis.

 T. Fateh

Three Rockets Hit Afghan Capital

 A rocket landed near the Afghan intelligence agency in Kabul and two others struck near the airport highway, according to Reuters.

 The rocket attacks were a reminder of Afghanistan's security challenges as most NATO combat troops prepare to withdraw at the end of 2014.

 Kabul Police Chief Ayoub Salangi said on Tuesday that insurgents positioned the rockets on the eastern outskirts of Kabul. He added that three civilians were wounded and one was in a critical condition.

 Militants have in the past launched several high-profile attacks in Kabul.

China for Abidance to Annan Plan to settle Crisis in Syria




BEIJING,( ST) _"China believes that the parties concerned in Syria should  implement the  six- point plan of the UN former Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, and abide by the  UN Security Council  relevant resolutions  and Geneva statement in order  to halt violence in Syria," said spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hong Li , on Monday.

The Chinese News Agency Xinhua quoted the Chinese official as expressing his country 's  hope that all sides in Syria will support  the mediation efforts exerted by the UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Ibrahimi.


T. Fateh 




Syria 's Modernized Democracy built on UN resolutions, Geneva Statement : Moscow




MOSCOW,(ST)- " One who thinks of modernizing Syria democratically , while honoring  its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, should do so under the provisions  of the UN Security Council resolutions and Geneva statement", said  official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich on Monday.

"We believe that our prime mission is to work to stop violence , save lives and launch the political process in Syria." Lukashevich said in a statement quoted by  Russia Today (RT) site.

 On the efforts made by international and regional sides to form new clusters and entities for the so called Syrian opposition, the Russian official stressed  that this issue is for Moscow   linked  to "the willingness of members of these coalitions to settling the  dispute by the Syrians themselves without outside military intervention and through dialogue and negotiation within the framework  of the  Comprehensive Agreement stated in the final communiqué  of the International Working Group meeting in Geneva."

He noted  that Moscow continues  contacts with the Syrian government and all spectrums of the  Syrian opposition in order to convince them  adopt such a constructive attitude.

For his part,  the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that efforts to unify the "Syrian opposition" will be useful in one case, which is the  willingness to start dialogue with the Syrian government.

Gatilov wrote in his page on the social networking site Twitter "The unification of the Syrian opposition may be useful in the event of their joining the political dialogue with the government as stipulated in Geneva statements."


T. Fateh




Israeli Aggressions Continued


GAZA,(ST)-  In response to the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Resistance fired Monday a  missile against the Israeli occupation sites causing panic among the Israeli settlers.
The missile landed at Netivot settlement east of Gaza, causing damage to several housing units and disrupting the electricity grid, Palestinian Press Agency (SAFA) reported.
The Israeli occupation aircrafts at dawn today renewed their aggression and escalation against the Gaza Strip and launched raids on several locations in the sector.
The head of the local committee in Bir Hadaj Suleiman Abu Hamid, added that police forces of occupation, accompanied by military forces, stormed into the village and started the suppression of citizens who fought against them.
Abu Hamid stressed that the use of the occupation forces of live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas caused a large number of wounded.
Abu Hamid considered that the Israeli  occupation attack against the village as a revenge by police occupation against the citizens after failing to arrest a number of them last week, returning today to exercise repression and terrorism against Palestinians.


H. Shamout


WWII Carrier Pigeon Finally Delivers Secret Message

Secrets from World War II may have been found in a coded message attached to the skeleton of a carrier pigeon found in an English chimney.

The bird was found when David Martin in Bletchingly, Surrey, was renovating his fireplace.

Martin told the BBC that he began "pulling it down, pulling it down…then the pigeon bones began appearing one by one by one. Down came the leg with the red capsule on with a message inside."

Martin called the discovery unbelievable and his wife was so delighted with the 70-year-old surprise she said it was like "Christmas."

Theories suggest the bird was making its way from behind enemy lines, perhaps from occupied France during the D Day invasions heading toward Bletchley Park which was Britain's main decryption establishment during World War II.

Others say the bird likely got lost, disorientated in bad weather or was simply exhausted after its trip across the English Channel and landed in the Martin's chimney.

More than 250,000 carrier pigeons were used in World War II. They were called the National Pigeon Service and were relied on heavily to transport secret messages.

During the war the Dickin Medal, which is the highest possible animal's decoration for valor, was awarded to 32 pigeons, including the United States Army Pigeon Service's G.I. Joe and the Irish pigeon Paddy.

Government code breakers are working to read the message found in Martin's chimney.

Colin Hill from the Bletchley Park pigeon exhibition told BBC, "I thought no way on earth can I work this one out."

They have determined so far that the message is from a Sgt. W. Stott and that it was written 70 years ago.

Compiled by : Maher Taki

Mass Rallies in Moscow and Stockholm in solidarity with Syria against the ongoing terrorist, US-and Zionist sinister attacks




Moscow, Stockholm, (ST)_ Syrian Community members, students , along with  Russian Youth and anti-imperialist organizations, held a mass rally in Moscow yesterday in solidarity with Syria against the ongoing terrorist, US-and Zionist sinister attack against Syria.

The Participants hoisted Syrian, and Russian flags in support of  Syria and of the Russian principled stance on Syria.

The participants chanted anti-foreign meddling in the Syrian domestic affairs, deploring the terrorist explosions and attacks by foreign-backed terrorists against the Syrians.

According to SANA, the participants hailed the role of the Syrian Army in defending the legitimate right of the Syrian People to live in peace without fear of the terrorists and to live a dignified life within their homeland secure, united, independent and safe.

Russian participants in the rally blasted the western and some Arabs' disinformation media campaigns against the Syrians, and condemned the US sinister scheme in support of the armed terrorist groups

In Stockholm, Sweden, another mass rally was organized, in condemnation of the conspiracies hatched against the Syrians and their homeland.

The participants, mainly Syrian expatriates and students of the National Union of Syrian Students, blasted the terrorist attacks against Syrians by mercenary foreign-backed terrorists and their supporters, reiterating commitment to bolster even more the national unity, immunity of their beloved homeland.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim




Qaradawi Provokes Russian Muslims, Chechen President




MOSCOW, (ST) – President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov  deplored statements  made by Youssef al-Qaradawi  from Qatar, considering  Russia " the first enemy of Islam."

Al-Qaradawi  "remarks  are illogical ,shocking and are directed against millions of Russian Muslims," Kadyrov added in a statement circulated  by the Chechen Presidency  on Saturday.

"Qaradawi statements were regretted  by Muslims of  Russia, where thirty million  Muslims are living,  building hundreds of mosques  every year and performing al-Haj rituals",  the statement said , adding that " the Russian constitution guarantees the freedom of religious belief",  noting that Qaradawi should be reminded that Russia does not  provide thousands of mercenaries from all over the world with  weapons and money in order to infiltrate to Syria  and commit there,  terrorist acts , shedding the blood of Syrian women , children and the elderly .

The statement continued that Qaradawi should  also know that " Russia  has international obligations towards  Syria , as our ally for many years and that the weapons reaching it are  sold to it as any other country may do.

President  Kadyrov recalled what the  Russian President Vladimir Putin  had announced to the whole world,  "that Russia was and will always be the best partner of Islamic countries", noting that for decades  Muslims of Russia, were deprived of praying in mosques ,  learn the Holy Quran,  and visiting  the holy places in Mecca and Medina.

The statement recommended Qaradawi to dedicate full-time efforts  to spiritual enlightenment  and not to poke  his nose in politics , rather leaving it to professional politicians.

Worthy mentioning that  the All-Russia Fatwa house issued on October 31 a statement  calling on Muslims  not to listen to Qaradawi , noting  that the Muslims of Russia,  as part of the Muslim nation,  receive  signal stand against their country 's  foreign policy . A matter viewed as a call for disobedience  and a violations of  laws in Russia.


T. Fateh