Lavrov calls for western countries commitment to Geneva Statement


 Ashton: EU shares Russia's vision to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully

 LUXEMBOURG, (ST)_ The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, said on Monday that the EU shares Russia's vision to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully.

 "We reviewed with Lavrov the latest developments in Syria and stressed the need to seek a peaceful solution and support the mission of UN Envoy Lakhdar Ibrahimi," Ashton said

 She said that the EU comprehends Russia's concern, particularly concerning the deterioration of relations between Turkey and Syria, stressing the necessity to stop violence inside Syria and not to allow this violence to spread.

 Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on the western countries to adhere to Geneva statement as  to solve the crisis in Syria.

 During his meeting with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, and Foreign Ministers of the EU, Lavrov told reporters in Luxembourg, that the only way to avoid increased internationalization of the crisis in Syria will be through commitment to Geneva statement."

 Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on the western countries to adhere to Geneva statement as  to solve the crisis in Syria.

During his meeting with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, and Foreign Ministers of the EU, Lavrov told reporters in Luxembourg, that the only way to avoid increased internationalization of the crisis in Syria will be through commitment to Geneva statement."


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''Syria is the only secular and democratic Arab State in the Middle East.'': Prof. Singh.

New Delhi, (ST)_  Indo-Arab Solidarity Council underlined support to Syria, Leadership and People, in their legitimate-defense right against the terrorism of the mercenary foreign-backed armed groups.

 In a solidarity meeting by the Council, attended by Riyadh Abbas, the Syrian Ambassador to India, Prof. Bhim Singh, the Council Chairman, highlighted the Syrian honorable stances in defense of the legitimate rights, Arab and national causes, on top of them stands the Palestinian Cause.

 Prof. Singh spoke of the Council's appreciation for the honorable stances of China, Russia and their efforts to deter a foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs.

 Prof. Singh, also Chairman of National Panthers Party and Member of the National Integration Council, called on India's premier to redouble efforts inside the Non-Aligned Movement and take active initiatives to re-launch peace efforts solution in the Middle East, calling on the United Nations to implement resolutions 242 and 338 stipulating the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from all of the occupied Arab territories.

 ''Syria is the only secular and democratic Arab State in the Middle East,'' underscored Prof. Singh.

 According to Scoop News, the Council session passed several resolutions expressing support and solidarity with the people of Syria while congratulating the leadership of Russian Federation and China for supporting the people of Syria against Anglo-American conspiracy to dislodge Syria.

 "Thousands of years old Syrian civilization has been passing through tides and turbulences for centuries threatening its integrity by the western powers. The land of Prophets, peace and seat of one of the oldest civilizations of the world has again been threatened." the resolution said.

 The resolution condemns violence and terror created by some neighboring countries inside Syria to serve the Zionists and USA agenda to establish their hegemony in the Middle-East as the Anglo-American Bloc has established in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya and other Arab Territories with ulterior motive to control oil, water and strategic land of the Arabs thus threatening peace in the region.

 The resolution expresses solidarity and support with the Syrian Government headed by Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, the President of Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian Parliament which was recently democratically elected.

 The resolution urges Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to initiate an effective peace process in the Middle-East so that no country shall be allowed to interfere in the domestic affairs of Syria or any other country as is the mandate of the Charter of the United Nations.

 The Council session was addressed by Prof. Maulana Shammi Tehrani, Suresh Thakur, Prof. S.H. Bhakri, Ms. Nasreen Hamid and B.S. Sajan.

 Prof. Bhim Singh visited Syria as an independent observer from 19th to 25th April, 2012. Following the visit, Singh wrote to Indian Premier that there is "strong feeling in Syria that Anglo-American Bloc intends to demonize the Syrian leadership to demolish a great civilization as they did in Iraq and other Arab countries. The main reason, from the Syrian view point, is that Zionist lobby in USA controls the nerves of Obama administration and would like to use his administration to knock the Syrian President by planting ‘wolf and lamb’ stories.

 Prof. Singh added that there is a "genuine feeling among the people of Syria that so-called Syrian crisis in the name of democracy etc. has been blown out of proportion in order to divert the world attention from the mandate of UN Resolutions namely, 242, 338, 425 and a dozen others which have been kept in cold storage by the United Nations under the dictates of the US in order to bail out Israel from its obligation to vacate all Arab territories including Golan Heights of Syria, Jerusalem and other Arab territories.

 Singh continued that there is also a genuine feeling that ''Anglo-American interest lies in the Arab oils, waters and strategic territory and not (not) in the democracy or civil rights. In that case the Kingdoms, Sheikhdoms, Sultanates in the Arab world should have been the first on the priority list for restoration of democracy. Syria or Iran would appear at the bottom of the board in that priority."

 The killing of innocent people, blasting the buildings in the midnight may it be in Aleppo or Homs or elsewhere by ghost attackers who can rightly be called as terrorists cannot be justified. This is responsibility of the State i.e. Govt. of Syria to provide protection to the life and liberty of every Syrian citizen. This subject matter is domestic and deals with internal security. The USA or the United Nations have no locus to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria.

 The press reports appearing in several Indian newspapers and in the international media have been highly exaggerated and blown out of proportion. All the acts of violence committed by the terrorists (whom the US calls as Talibans in Afghanistan) in any Syrian town or village are being attributed to the government failures. On the other hand the UN observers have no role to play to identify the opposite party. Every government has right to exercise its power to maintain internal security and internal peace for the safety of its citizens and property. Let UN identify the second party to the dispute and enforce ceasefire against their terrorist activities.

 The UN sanctions against Syria are highly deplorable, unacceptable in any civil society in grave violation of the UN Charter itself, barbaric and against the human dignity as such sanctions deprive children, old and women from seeking even medicines and food as it happened in Iraq resulting in the death of more than million children.



M.A. Al-Ibrahim

Egyptians want " Mursi" a President not only for " Muslim Brothers "

CAIRO, (ST)_ At least 110   Egyptian civilians were reported injured as hundreds of Egyptians,  Islamists supporters and  secular opponents of the Egyptian President Mahmoud  Mursi  clashed  in Cairo 's city center , al-Tahriri Square, according  to Egyptian   news agencies .

The  clashes are considered  as the worst violence since President Mohammed Mursi took power at the end of June, this year.

Tensions are high after Egyptian judges criticized Mursi's attempt to remove the country's top Prosecutor-General Abdel Maguid Mahmoud , viewed as a figure from the era of the toppled President Hosni Mubarak ,  and nominated him as a Vatican envoy. But Prosecutor Mahmoud refused to abide by " Mursi " nomination to go there.

Moreover, a group of Egyptian judges stood against  President Mursi's attempt to remove the country's top prosecutor and described it  as a "farce".

The move against Mr. Mahmoud followed an angry public response to the acquittal of the 24 people who had been accused of sending men on camels and horses to break up a protest in Cairo in 2011, leaving several people dead.

It follows the release of 24 people accused of attacks on protesters during last year's uprising.

The accused persons  included Fathi Sorour and Safwat al-Sherif, former speakers of Egypt's two houses of parliament.

Prosecutors said Mr Sherif, who was also the secretary general of Mubarak's National Democratic Party (NPD), had "contacted MPs, members of the NDP and financiers of the party, inciting them to disperse the protests in Tahrir Square by force and violence".

The case is the latest flashpoint between Mursi's government and figures associated with the Mubarak era.

In unrest elsewhere, protesters in Egypt's northern industrial town of Mahalla stormed the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and tore down pictures of President Mursi,  Egyptian security officials told reporters

News reports in Cairo said  that 100 days into Mursi 's  term, this is the first time the Egyptian President  has experienced big demonstrations.

It is evident  that the Egyptians are frustrated because  so far the new president appears to have done little to change the country or foster the economy, the news reports said, adding that  Egyptian opposition are upset  at  the fact that the new proposed  constitution  as " too dominated by Islam".

Another challenge the president had to face in the past 100 days was the increase in strikes staged by employees in different sectors.

Since early July, transport workers, doctors and teachers have all staged industrial actions demanding better pay and working conditions.

The government was constantly blames   for failing to handle the strikes and its general handling of Egypt's ailing  economy.

 A heated debate  is being  negotiated  about  a  US $4.8bn (£3bn) loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) .

"Instead of forging economic policies in interest  of the poor by setting a minimum and maximum wage, forcing progressive taxation and renationalising the country's robbed companies, [ Mursi] chose to side with the rich and follow the same path as the old ruling party in depending on loans," Ahmed Imam, a member of the National Front of the Protection of the Revolution, told Al Ahram newspaper.

In his speech marking the 6 October war, Egypt's President gave himself and his government high grades in dealing with Egypt 's pressing problems. But the speech was criticized and at times ridiculed on social media, especially Twitter.

"In Mursi's first 100 days of rule: At least 250 strike organisers have been sacked," one Egyptian opponent to " Mursi"  tweeted.

Other pending issues " Mursi" faces include freedom of speech, women's participation in politics and the future of Egypt's Copts who feel increasingly threatened by the rising power of Islamists in the country.

It has become evident that most of the Egyptian reached the conclusion that Mursi is just the president of the [Muslim] Brotherhood, and that they do not want to replace the old regime with one like the old one.

There is an eye on   President Mursi to that he has  to keep his promise  about being a President for all Egyptians, rather than all his Islamic supporters 


Tomader Fateh



Russia: UN Security Council condemnations of terrorism should go with deeds

 ..DAMASCUS, (ST)_ "The UN Security Council denunciation of terrorism in Syria should go in line with proper and active acts,'' Russia affirmed.

In a statement appeared on RT web site Friday, Maria Zakharova, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia ,was Quoted as saying that" terrorism has become priority for the armed opposition in Syria. This simply indicates to the fast growing role of the fundamentalists among so-called the "Syrian opposition."

Zakharova called upon powerful forces –involved in the ongoing crisis in Syria, to act in compliance with the 2042 & 2043 UN resolutions and Geneva statement as regards taking up proper measures, especially non-militarizing the internal conflict and urging all parties to reach a political solution through an-all out national dialogue.

Meanwhile, "Russian Federation has so far received no information about the cargo confiscated , reasons and consideration of such a behavior. Russia has reportedly demanded and continues to the submission of this information," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

According to RT, Ghaida Abdul latif, the Syrian air chief, said that Turkish officials beat up a crew member and several passengers after they refused to sign a statement that the plane had an emergency landing.

For his part, Jassem Qasser, the flight engineer, said the he was taken out of the plane in handcuffs and at gunpoint.

Shireen aziz,hostess on the plane, told RT that the crew and passengers did not catch sight of weapons ,nor of anything suspicious.

Earlier, the Turkish authorities made an air piracy by intercepting the Syrian airbus passenger forcing it to land in Ankara airport.

The Syrian Airbus A320 that was intercepted by Turkish commandos and forced to land in Turkey was legally carrying Russian radar parts for Syria, Russia's foreign minister said Friday.

In a related development, the Russian veteran Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, declared Friday evening that the Syrian Airlines Plane was carrying a shipment of 'electric equipment for radars', asserting that the shipment was a legitimate cargo in compliance with international law.

"There weren't and there couldn't be any weapons on board the plane, which was carrying a cargo, sent by a legal Russian supplier in a legal way to a legal customer. Cargo documents had been issued fully in line with usual demands. Transporting that kind of cargo by civilian planes is absolutely normal practice." reiterated Minister Lavrov, asserting that Russia was still waiting for an '' official explanation'' from the Turkish Authorities about the incident.


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Indonesian leader: Bali bombings failed achieving their goal

 0KUTA, Indonesia's president said Thursday the "monstrous act of terror" in Bali 10 years ago failed to achieve its goal of fracturing the nation, ahead of an anniversary held under the shadow of a security threat.

 Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's comments came as some 2,000 police and military personnel including snipers deployed across the island to ensure commemorations Friday pass peacefully after "credible information" of a threat to the ceremony.

Bali's deputy police chief I Ketut Untung Yoga Ana told AFP authorities were "ready to tackle any kind of terror threat during the commemoration event" which Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will attend.

More than 200 people died in the blasts on Bali's party strip, mostly Western tourists but also including 38 Indonesians.

Yudhoyono, who was security affairs minister at the time, said the atrocity only succeeded in drawing the country closer together.

"Whatever the motivation and calculation of the terrorists, the Bali bomb attack did not produce its desired effects," he said in an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald.






Iraq rejects NATO intervention in Syria, says Al-Malki

 MOSCOW, (ST) – Stressing that Turkey is not under threat, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that his country rejects NATO intervention in Syria under the pretext of defending Turkey, which adopts a wrong policy that affects the security of the region.

"The war should not be ignited, so the NATO alliance should not be dragged into such a war to defend Turkey which is not really under threat." Al-Maliki stated..

Al-Maliki, according to SANA correspondent, considered what has been circulated by some media about Syrian aircrafts bombing the Turkish territories an exaggerated allegation and does not deserve to waging a war.

Al-Maliki warned against the risks of NATO intervention in Syria since it might hit  the whole region.

The Iraqi Premier underlined that the Turkish policy towards Syria is  wrong, adding that Turkey is taking risks through its policies, particularly those related to the security in the region, and its rude behavior taking the responsibility of solving the issues in Syria instead of the Syrian people themselves.

"Turkey wants to impose its decision and that is why the international community has to take action to stop Turkey. Ankara is trying to drag NATO to stuck its nose  in Syria's affairs which is a serious matter as it means a repetition of the Libyan scenario." Al-Maliki added.

 "The solution to the crisis in Syria should be in a  peaceful way to enable the Syrian people to decide what they want." Al-Maliki stressed.

On the other hand, Al-Maliki refuted the US allegations that Iran was sending aircrafts loaded with weapons to the Syrian government across the Iraqi territories as baseless, adding that "We will not allow the Iraqi territories to be used for transporting weapons and fighters to neighboring countries. We searched the aircrafts without prior warning and no weapons were found on board."

M. Daoud





President Chavez Re-elected for a Third 6-year Presidential Term

CARACAS, (ST)_ President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was re-elected for a third 6-year consecutive presidential term.

The Venezuelan National Electoral Council declared Monday that President Chavez won 54 percent of the Venezuelan votes.

''We have pulled off victory throughout the battle line,'' said President chavez  to the thundering applause of his supporters.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

French professor: Al-Assad to win against the west

Just because it was a remark about the victory of President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria, the world mass media which claims neutralism and credibility fully brushed aside the publication of such news.

The remark summarized what is going on in Syria in one statement, which has amazed the interviewer and audiences as well.

"Now, it is turned into a personal revenge. The Arab and world leaders seek only to subjugate Al-Assad's pride,"said the French professor Olivier Roy in a recent interview with the "France 24" channel.

These words followed the interviewer's question: "why do you talk about confrontation with Al-Assad not with Syria?"

From prof. Roy's viewpoint, the UN Security Council which held unrelenting Arab-backed sessions on Syria for months has failed to take a decision of direct confrontation with Mr. Al-Assad, while a resolution to launch a war on Afghanistan was endorsed by the UNSC in just two hours and a half.

"I'm a witness…I am not talking about what is right and what is wrong…The UNSC hopes to reach a decision that restores these states' prestige after their open challenge to Al-Assad,"

He affirmed that President Al-Assad will be the first Arab leader to win against the West. "There is no doubt about this, Bashar Al-Assad will be the first Arab leader who will win against the West." he said

Prof. Roy, born in 1949, is Professor of Social and Political Theory at the European University Institute.He received an “Agrégation de Philosophie” and a Ph.D. in Political Sciences.

Basma Qaddour