Iraq rejects NATO intervention in Syria, says Al-Malki

 MOSCOW, (ST) – Stressing that Turkey is not under threat, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said that his country rejects NATO intervention in Syria under the pretext of defending Turkey, which adopts a wrong policy that affects the security of the region.

"The war should not be ignited, so the NATO alliance should not be dragged into such a war to defend Turkey which is not really under threat." Al-Maliki stated..

Al-Maliki, according to SANA correspondent, considered what has been circulated by some media about Syrian aircrafts bombing the Turkish territories an exaggerated allegation and does not deserve to waging a war.

Al-Maliki warned against the risks of NATO intervention in Syria since it might hit  the whole region.

The Iraqi Premier underlined that the Turkish policy towards Syria is  wrong, adding that Turkey is taking risks through its policies, particularly those related to the security in the region, and its rude behavior taking the responsibility of solving the issues in Syria instead of the Syrian people themselves.

"Turkey wants to impose its decision and that is why the international community has to take action to stop Turkey. Ankara is trying to drag NATO to stuck its nose  in Syria's affairs which is a serious matter as it means a repetition of the Libyan scenario." Al-Maliki added.

 "The solution to the crisis in Syria should be in a  peaceful way to enable the Syrian people to decide what they want." Al-Maliki stressed.

On the other hand, Al-Maliki refuted the US allegations that Iran was sending aircrafts loaded with weapons to the Syrian government across the Iraqi territories as baseless, adding that "We will not allow the Iraqi territories to be used for transporting weapons and fighters to neighboring countries. We searched the aircrafts without prior warning and no weapons were found on board."

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President Chavez Re-elected for a Third 6-year Presidential Term

CARACAS, (ST)_ President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was re-elected for a third 6-year consecutive presidential term.

The Venezuelan National Electoral Council declared Monday that President Chavez won 54 percent of the Venezuelan votes.

''We have pulled off victory throughout the battle line,'' said President chavez  to the thundering applause of his supporters.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim

French professor: Al-Assad to win against the west

Just because it was a remark about the victory of President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria, the world mass media which claims neutralism and credibility fully brushed aside the publication of such news.

The remark summarized what is going on in Syria in one statement, which has amazed the interviewer and audiences as well.

"Now, it is turned into a personal revenge. The Arab and world leaders seek only to subjugate Al-Assad's pride,"said the French professor Olivier Roy in a recent interview with the "France 24" channel.

These words followed the interviewer's question: "why do you talk about confrontation with Al-Assad not with Syria?"

From prof. Roy's viewpoint, the UN Security Council which held unrelenting Arab-backed sessions on Syria for months has failed to take a decision of direct confrontation with Mr. Al-Assad, while a resolution to launch a war on Afghanistan was endorsed by the UNSC in just two hours and a half.

"I'm a witness…I am not talking about what is right and what is wrong…The UNSC hopes to reach a decision that restores these states' prestige after their open challenge to Al-Assad,"

He affirmed that President Al-Assad will be the first Arab leader to win against the West. "There is no doubt about this, Bashar Al-Assad will be the first Arab leader who will win against the West." he said

Prof. Roy, born in 1949, is Professor of Social and Political Theory at the European University Institute.He received an “Agrégation de Philosophie” and a Ph.D. in Political Sciences.

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Iran Unveils New Long-Range Drone

Iranian military leaders gave details of a new long-range drone and test fired four anti-ship missiles Tuesday in a prelude to upcoming naval war games planned in an apparent response to U.S.-led warship drills in the Persian Gulf.

BBC Causes Uproar by Reporting Queen’s Opinion

LONDON — Succumbing to what appears to have been a disastrous urge to brag about his super-important connections, a BBCcorrespondent unexpectedly declared in a radio interview on Tuesday that Queen Elizabeth II had once told him she was “pretty upset” about the presence of a radical Islamist cleric in North London.

Ahmadinejad pushes new world order, end to U.S. 'bullying'

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Tuesday that a new world order needs to emerge, away from years of what he called American bullying and domination.

Ahmadinejad spoke to The Associated Press in a wide-ranging interview on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly — his last as president of Iran. He was to address the Assembly Wednesday morning.