Egypt moving towards civil war: Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the impasse between the supporters and opponents of the ousted Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, might spark a civil war in the North African country.

Speaking during his visit to Kazakhstan on Sunday, Putin expressed concern over the present situation in Egypt,according to Press TV.

    "We would like to see the Egyptian people avoid this fate," the Russian president added.


CIA Behind Morales Plane Incident, says Maduro

The recent decision by a number of European countries to close their airspace to Bolivian President Evo Morales’s plane was made on an order from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), media quoted the Venezuelan president as saying,according to FNA.

 “A very important minister told us that it was the CIA that contacted the authorities of Portugal, Italy and France to have their airspace closed to President Morales,” President Nicolas Maduro was quoted as saying by the official Venezuelan AVN news agency.

Bolivia accused France, Italy, Spain and Portugal of violating international law after a plane carrying Morales was diverted Tuesday and searched Wednesday over suspicions that it might have fugitive US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden on board.

Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said Morales’ plane taking him home after an energy meeting in Moscow had been forced to land in Austria after France and Portugal revoked permission for the plane to enter their airspace.

The incident provoked a diplomatic scandal: the leaders of Bolivia and other South American nations demanded explanations.

Snowden is believed to be holed up in the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. A former contractor for the US National Security Agency, he is wanted by the United States for disclosing a top-secret surveillance program that allegedly targeted millions of Americans.



Russia: Statement by Australia, Luxembourg on Situation in Homs Unbalanced

UNITED NATIONS- Russia believes that the western countries-backed draft statement by the UN Security Council regarding the situation in Homs is unbalanced and regrets that its proposals for amending it have been utterly ignored, Russia’s mission at the UN told Itar-Tass on Friday.

Australia and Luxembourg this week suggested the Security Council should issue a special statement for the press to voice concern over the situation in Homs. Russia said the statement should be rephrased to include a mention of the situations in Noble and Al Zahra, where local residents have had to live in the conditions of a blockade by the group Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist al-Qaeda-related factions for eight months.

“We regret that our specific proposals regarding the draft statement for the press proposed by Australia and Luxembourg were utterly ignored. Moreover, the text circulated yesterday is even more imbalanced. It is based on double standards and has nothing to do with humanitarian issues,” the Russian mission at the UN said.

H. Mustafa

No Civil War in Syria - Russian Minister

MOSCOW - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu suggested Friday there is no civil war in Syria, but rather an ongoing battle against “roving” international forces, according to RIA Novosti.

 “It is more of a fight against forces that, one way or another, are roving between different kinds of conflicts within various states,” Shoigu said at the start of negotiations in Moscow with a Swedish military delegation led by Defense Minister Karin Enstrom.


Moscow demands verification of alleged arms supply to Syrian "opposition" from Libya


Russia has appealed to the UN Security Council committee on sanctions against Libya for initiating an inquiry into the alleged illegal arms supplies from Libya to the Syrian "opposition", the Russian Foreign Ministry information and press department said in a commentary.

"Russia has asked the UN Security Council committee on sanctions against Libya for initiating an inquiry into the aforesaid reports. Hopefully, the committee will rapidly respond to our request and the inquiry will be objective and impartial," says the commentary published on the ministry website on Friday, according to the Voice of Russia.

It said Moscow had been alerted by the latest reports of authoritative media outlets, the New York Times and Reuters, about illegal arms supplies to the Syrian" opposition"  from Libya via Qatar and Turkey. The reports said the opposition was being armed with various weapons, including submachine guns, machineguns, grenade launchers and anti-tank systems.

"If these reports are correct, we are witnessing a flagrant violation of the international embargo on Libya," the commentary said.

Moscow called on countries capable of influencing Syrian developments to do their best for stopping illegal arms shipments to Syria.

UN should investigate possible breach of arms embargo on Libya - Russian Foreign Ministry

The Russian Ambassador at the United Nations has been told to urge the UN Sanctions Committee to launch a probe into likely arms supplies from Libya to Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry official spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, has told a news briefing in Moscow.

"The problem has grown acute lately, especially because of the decisions made by Western and regional partners. As you know, there have been reports of the Western press: The situation suggests the need for interference of the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee: if the mentioned facts are true, we are witnessing a flagrant breach of the embargo imposed by the UN Security Council resolution on Libya," said Alexander Lukashevich.

"Our permanent representative in New York has been instructed to make the proposal to the Committee referring to media reports that expose a whole set of problems in the observation of the embargo on arms supply to and from Libya," Lukashevich said.



" Arab Spring" led to chaos- Pushkov

MOSCOW,(ST)_ The recent events in Egypt prove that the "Arab Spring" did lead not to a democratic renewal, but to chaos, said the head of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexei Pushkov.

"Democracy as a panacea does not work", said the politician. Especially in countries that do not belong to the Western world, he added.
Pushkov underlined the fact that Mohamed Morsi was elected president of Egypt only about a year ago.

" The so called Arab spring did not lead to democracy, rather chaos , that we can see in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq", he added.
"In a democratic society things like that do not happen. Namely that in one year the mood of the electorate changed so radically. Morsi did not do anything to cause such changes," said Pushkov.
He  believes that , this shows that in Egypt, the people's will was conditional and relative and that this is a bad signal for the whole region.


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Chanting 'You can't defeat Venezuela' and 'Long live Russia and Syria' Maduro opens Chavez St in Moscow

A street named after the famous leader of the Bolivarian Revolution Hugo Chavez appeared today in the Khoroshovskiy region in the north of Russia's capital.

As of today, brand new street name plates come to adorn the houses of the faceless "Projected Passage 5509".

From now on, Moscow citizens will always remember the Bolivarian leader,according to the Voice of Russia ,Tass.

"Now I feel that Chavez will always stay with us", said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at the opening ceremony of the new Moscow street. 

"He had been to Moscow ten times and never felt like a stranger," Maduro continued. "His infinite love for justice and equality surpassed the borders of Venezuela where he was born. At the age of 21 he was able to foresee the new Russia. Chavez always remembered that Moscow was the barrier which prevented those who wanted to conquer the world".

The head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin stressed in his speech that "Chavez has lived a bright life and left a long-living legacy in the hearts of millions".

"To commemorate his deeds we open the new Moscow street which now bears the name of this great man," Sechin added.


Lavrov, Kerry Discussed Preparations for Geneva Conference on Syria

BRUNEI, (ST)_ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov  discussed with his U.S. counterpart John Kerry in Brunei yesterday preparations for the international conference on Syria in Geneva, and  bilateral relations.

Lavrov told reporters after the meeting with Kerry  on the sidelines of their participation in the Conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations / ASEAN / that the United States recognizes that the key to holding an international conference on Syria to a political solution to the crisis on the basis of Geneva statement  of  June 30 , 2012 , lies in bringing together and uniting the Syrian  opposition. "

 For his part, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that international talks are the best way “save the state of Syria” from destruction

“We both agreed that our countries have an ability to be able to make a difference if we can pull together in that effort,” Kerry said after meeting Lavrov on the sidelines of an Asian security summit in Brunei.

But despite the differences, Kerry said the objective of the United States and Russia “remains the same… to recognize the notion that there really isn’t a military victory per se in Syria that keeps Syria as a country, and … that we have an obligation to try to work towards a peaceful resolution because a peaceful settlement is the best way to save the state of Syria and to minimize the destruction.”

US and Russian officials met in Geneva last week to try to map out a road to peace in Syria, but failed to agree on a date for a follow-up international conference aimed at ending the conflict.

Both men called for the next round of talks to be held “sooner rather than later,” Kerry said, although he acknowledged that they might not happen before August. 


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