President Putin Notes Veterans' Moral Contribution To Accession Of Crimea, Sevastopol To Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he thanked veterans of the Great Patriotic War for heroic acts and noted their contribution to Crimea and Sevastopol's accession to Russia. "We look up to you, dear veterans and your great moral contribution is in the fact that Crimea and Sevastopol have returned to the home country, you gave us great values of unity, justice and integrity and taught us to act according to conscience," said Putin when speaking at the parade in Sevastopol dedicated to the 70th anniversary of freeing the hero-city from fascists.

End Of Violence Main Condition For Launching Dialogue In Ukraine, Says Putin

Russia demands that the current Kiev administration immediately halt all military operations in the southeastern regions of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Russian President Vladimir Putin says the end of violence is an imperative condition for settling the Ukrainian crisis. "An imperative condition of the beginning of this dialogue is the end of any violence: the engagement of both the armed forces - which is absolutely unacceptable - and illegal armed units of radicalized elements," Putin told a press conference.

Ukraine another CIA coup victim: Analyst

A political analyst says the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is the result of another coup by the US Central Intelligence Agency aimed at seizing the crisis-hit country, Press TV reports.

“We need to understand that the CIA has overthrown dozens of governments around the world since World War II and that’s what happened in Ukraine. It was another CIA coup,” Kevin Barrett said in an interview with Press TV.

Council of Europe ‘must urge Kiev to comply with Geneva accord’ - Russian Foreign Ministry

The Council of Europe must urge the present de-facto authorities in Kiev to unconditionally comply with the Geneva accord on de-escalation of tensions and work on a new Constitution, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

 “In view of a crisis situation in Ukraine, potentials of the Council of Europe must be used for legal assistance in the carrying out of a profound constitutional reform in that country, based on inclusive national dialogue with an aim to overcome split of the society,” it said.

Syrian Community in France Mark Martyrs' Day

PARIS, (ST)_ On the occasion of the Martyr's day,  the Syrian community in France organized, on Saturday, a national stand in Trocadero Square in Paris to express their faith  and allegiance to the  martyrs, the most generous and the noblest of all men, who sacrificed themselves for the sake of Syria.

Participants raised the photo of H.E President Bashar Al-Assad  and the Syrian flag in addition to the martyrs photos, expressing their support for the Syrian army and  leadership.

Kiev Unable To Establish Dialogue With Southeastern Ukraine Without Int'l Help - Russian Deputy FM

Kiev is unable to establish dialogue with South Eastern Ukraine without international help, new measures are to be taken to put the conflicting parties at the negotiating table, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gregory Karasin said Sunday. "It appears Kiev cannot establish dialogue without foreign help, the diplomat said, adding that new efforts will be taken to place Kiev authorities and representatives from the South-East of the country to the negotiating table to find a solution to the problems that make people suffer and kill them in various regions of Ukraine."

Catholicos of All Armenians Confident Peace, Security Will Be Restored to Syria

YEREVAN-His Holiness Karekin II, the Catholicos of All Armenians is confident that peace and security will be restored to the blessed Syrian land and that the Syrian people including the Armenian component will live in peace and take part in rebuilding and developing Syria.

"We feel pain and are greatly concerned over the developments in Syria, but we are sure that the Syrian people will live in peace and build its own future," Catholicos Karekin II said in an interview with the Syrian TV on Saturday.

Russia Deeply Regrets West's Approval Of Punitive Operation In Southeast Ukraine, Says Peskov

Moscow has called "cynicism" the position taken by Washington and a number of European capitals over the bloodshed in Odessa, Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said. He also said that the Kiev's authorities are responsible for the deaths of people in Odessa.

"The justification of the punitive operation by those who only a few months ago would not let the legitimate president, Viktor Yanukovych, restore order using legal means, are the highest manifestation of cynicism," Peskov told reporters on Saturday.