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US recognition of Syrian opposition amounts to declaration of war against Syria; threat to peace in SE Asia

New Delhi, 14th December, 2012:-

Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Member of National Integration Council (India) & Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council accused US President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama of repeating the history of 1939 when Hitler damned the League of Nations. Obama’s decision to give recognition to the terrorist groups in Syria, styled as rebel/opposition to the lawfully established government of President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.

The Panthers Party Supremo who is also a Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association (India) dashed a letter to the US President calling for the withdrawal of the threatening statement, "You as President of the US has responsibility to ensure that the UN Charter is not smashed in dustbin by you as Hitler had done with the League of Nations instigating the second world war. Syria is a sovereign nation governed by a legitimate government recognized by the Charter and all the Members of the United Nations. It is US which has destroyed unique cultural entity of Iraq, then Libya and now is running after Syria with mala fide intention to serve the interest of the Zionist lobby in the US which has been monitoring the affairs in the Arab World by assisting the CIA. I hope and trust that you as the President of the US may not trigger war in South-East Asia. The situation in South-East Asia is different than it was during US-NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya etc. Russian Federation under the leadership of its President, Mr. Vladmir Putin is alive today and the US President should not undermine the strength and wisdom of the Russian leadership. While condemning the US recognition of the terrorist groups operating in Syria to dislodge a lawful government, the US President has committed a breach of trust and threatened the global security. We know that Iran is in your mind after Syria but the distance between Washington and Tehran is much longer than the distance between Moscow and Damascus. Hope you reconsider Zionist-sponsored agenda in the interest of US itself."

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed solidarity with the people of Syria and Iran and their leadership hoping that NAM countries shall play their destined role with the leadership of India and Iran walking side by side in the defence of peace and for the people of South-East Asia whose future stand threatened by the US hawks.

Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary






Russia not in talks over Syria's leadership :FM

  • MOSCOW, (ST) —— Russia is not conducting any talks over the fate of Syrian leadership, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich confirmed this news report once again on Friday,according to ITAR-TASS.

    “We are not conducting any talks either with our US partners or in other formats,” he noted. “Russia is searching meticulously and insistently for the ways to settle the current crisis in Syria in political ways,” he said.

    “The fulfilment of the Geneva agreements is the platform for this settlement. The violence should be stopped and the parties to the conflict should get down to the table of negotiations,” Lukashevich said. The fate of the peoples rather than their leaders is at stake, the Russian diplomat added.
  • M.D

Syria's destiny should be decided by Syrians themselves, says Chinese Foreign Ministry


BEIJING,(ST)-"We have noticed relevant reports. China believes that the destiny of Syria should be decided by the Syrian people on their own. It is imperative now to cease fire, end violence, launch and promote the political transition process led by the Syrian people as soon as possible in order to achieve the fair, peaceful and proper settlement of the Syrian issue",Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei  said.

" The international community should play a positive and constructive role in pressing all parties in Syria to work for the above goals. The Chinese side is willing to keep in contact and communication with all parties concerned in Syria,"affirmed Lei.


Moscow's stance on the crisis in Syria hasn't shifted


MOSCOW ,(ST)- Russia's Foreign Ministry on Friday denied that a top diplomat said the Syrian government  is losing control over an increasing part of the country, a statement that had been interpreted as signalling a shift in Russia's assessment of the situation.

The Russian foreign ministry on Friday insisted in a statement that Bogdanov "has not made any statements or special interviews recently" on Syria but was simply citing the stance of the Syrian opposition while giving a speech.


Thousands protests as Turkish conspiracy trial nears end

Thousands of Turkish protested outside a court near Istanbul on Thursday against the trial of nearly 300 people charged with attempting to overthrow Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Security forces wielded batons and fired pepper spray to keep crowds behind barricades in front of the courthouse at the sprawling Silivri prison complex, where dozens of the defendants have been in jail for much of the four-year trial,according to Reuters.

Those in the dock include politicians, academics, journalists and retired army officers accused of membership of a shadowy underground network of ultra-nationalists.

The alleged group, "Ergenekon", is accused of orchestrating decades of political violence, extra-judicial killings and bomb attacks, and most recently of trying to topple Erdogan.

Rivalry between religious and secular elites is one of the major fault lines in Turkish public life. The case is emblematic of Erdogan's long-standing battle with secularist opponents, and one of a series of conspiracy trials that he describes as a struggle against anti-democratic forces.

Erdogan's critics say the trial is part of efforts to stifle opponents of his AK Party (AKP), whose strong strain of religious conservatism they see as undermining Turkey's secular foundations. There were calls for the government to resign among slogans chanted by the crowds.


"Turkey is secular and will remain secular!", "The AKP will have to answer to the people!", "Shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism!", chanted the crowds.

They were largely made up of members of the main opposition CHP, a smaller left-wing party whose leader is one of the defendants, and secularist associations.

The Ergenekon case and other conspiracy trials have drawn accusations of political influence over the judiciary, with the CHP describing them as an "Inquisition" against opponents of the government.

"These courts look like different cases, but they are all the same. They are carrying out a political mission," CHP deputy leader Umut Oran, who was attending the hearing, told Reuters.

The 275 defendants, 66 of them in custody pending a verdict, include former armed forces chief Ilker Basbug and two deputies from the CHP. Once prosecutors have summed up their case, the defendants will have a right to a final statement which, given their numbers, could still take months.


Russia Renewed Rejection of Military Force Use Against Syria

MOSCOW,(ST)_  Russian  Army Chief of Staff  Valery Gerasimov  renewed rejection of  any interference from any party , especially the use of military force against Syria, stressing the need of dialogue to resolve the crisis in Syria.
"Solving the crisis in Syria  is only possible through dialogue between  parties,without a third party intervention , especially the use of military force." Gerasimov said following his talks on Thursday with the representative  of NATO ‘s military committee  Knud Bartels
Gerasimov criticized NATO ‘s  deployment  of the Patriot missile system in Turkey , noting that " despite the fact that the situation in Syria is deteriorating  , NATO is deploying anti-aircraft  missiles systems  in Turkey."

For his part,  Bartels  said  that " NATO shares  the  Russian concern over the grave  situation in Syria”, noting  “  we will work to strengthen relations with General Gerasimov  in this regard."
Meantime, chairman of the  public division for international military cooperation at  the Russian defense ministry Sergei  Koshelev ,  said  that the Danish  Gen.  Knud Bartels  announced on Thursday in Moscow that NATO has no plans for military intervention in Syria.
"The Russian side welcomed this statement which  reflects   the position  of NATO Military Committee, which means that NATO will continue its commitment to this position in the future , and therefore will  not carry out  any military operations against Syria regardless of the evolution of conditions  in this country , and the Libyan scenario will not be repeated in Syria.”  Koshelev  emphasized.


T. Fateh

Syria Geopolitical Friend to Russia- Russian Researchers

MOSCOW, (ST) - Head of the Russian Eurasia Organization and President  of Faculty of  Sociology at Moscow State University, Professor Alexander Dugin, declared that Americans do not have the right to recognize Doha coalition, extremist and terrorist forces in Syria and offer unilateral support to them, in contrary to all rules of international law.

In an interview with SANA correspondent in Moscow yesterday Dugin, who is professor at the Russian State University assured that what had happened in Syria of events is  designed to impose foreign will and its hegemony upon Syria, while the orientations of the Syrian leadership emerges of the geopolitical view and the Syrian national interests, aiming at cooperation with countries of the Eurasian region, adding that Syria is an essential component of the global geopolitical shape, not just a strategic ally of Russia and Iran.

"Russia adopts serious and responsible positions in helping the Syrian people and protecting the independence and sovereignty of Syria and preventing any foreign interference in its affairs and the Syrians realize that Russia supports them, stressing that the Americans are targeting Syria and its leadership as it maintains its sovereignty and independence and establishes relations of friendship and cooperation with Russia and Iran. This sort of relation doesn't meet America and their local and regional allies' satisfaction, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia," the head of the organization said.

"The objectives of the United States against Syria bring to mind and remind Russians with the support that the Americans offered to separatist in Chechen," he said.

Russia comprehends that if we abandoned Syria today, the cart will be directed to her later as the impact of targeting Iran because the three countries are interlinked in geopolitical terms," he clarified.

"President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov mean this particular truth when talking more and more about the track because Russia is considerd a geopolitical major Eurasian country which stands against terrorists and armed opponents," Prof. Dugin stressed.
Dugin noted to President Putin's talk about geopolitical interests of Russia in his annual message to the Russian Parliament that he means his support for the vision of the geopolitical events in the world and that Russian policy is more consistent, realistic and resolute and determined to achieve Russia's national interests, indicating that the meaning of geopolitics lies in the existence of fixed and continuous contradictions between the civilization of land represented by Russia and civilization of Sea represented by NATO countries and the United States .


"The Russian national geopolitical interests spoken by President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov contradict fully with the U.S. interests. Therefore, the west tends to support reactionary forces in the world and repeat the chaos and bloodshed as happened in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. It also provoks internal wars which bring suffering and tragedies to the Syrian people.Russia works to resolve the crisis in Syria through an inclusive political dialogue," Dugin concluded.

In a similar interview with SANA correspondent, Vladislav Choregan, Head of Editorial Board of "Russia's Soldiers Magazine" said that Syria is one of the closest allies to Russia in the Middle East pointing out to the strong relations between Russia and Syria.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia see in Syria an impediment to achieve these objectives. The two Gulf countries do what all they can to destabilize Syria with support by the United States which has recognized the coalition of Doha as a legitimate representative of the Syrian people and this is inconsistent with all the international rules and norms, Choregan clarified.

In light of this fact, the Turkish government is looking for a military pretext to intervene in the Syrian affairs with the support of NATO, whereas Turkish officials are trying to create confrontations regarding borders, pointing out that constructing the Patriot missiles systems in Turkish territory came when Russia prevented adopting a decision in the Security Council for military intervention against Syria, Choregan added.




Fears grow for Ukrainian reporter held hostage in Syria

The Ukrainian government has appealed for the release of a Ukrainian journalist abducted in Syria two months ago amid reports her life is in danger,according to the Voice of Russia.

Anhar Kochneva, who was working as a freelancer for Russian and Ukrainian media, is believed to have been kidnapped near the city of Homs.

Several videos apparently released by her captors show her asking for her kidnappers' demands to be met.

Initially they called for a ransom of $50m (£31m; 38m euros) to be paid.

Kochneva's abduction was condemned by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and European Federation of Journalists (EFJ).

The Damascus-based journalist went missing in the second week of October while reportedly working on an assignment for Russian media.

She was last seen leaving the port of Tartus for a visit to Homs, which has been the scene of fierce fighting, writing in her blog: "Don't try to find me for a couple of days. Leaving."

A 15-second video posted online on 7 November showed her, wearing a headscarf and speaking in Arabic to the camera, saying she was being held in Homs and appealing for her kidnappers' demands to be met.

On 28 November, a second video, three and a half minutes long, had her repeating the appeal, this time apparently reading from a prepared statement.

The latest video, broadcast on Wednesday by Ukrayina, was an apparent response by her captors to the Ukrainian government's appeal for her release.

Oleksandr Dikusarov, spokesman for the Ukrainian foreign ministry, said Kochneva's kidnappers had "threatened to annihilate her if their demands" were not satisfied.

Kochneva, who is known for her critical views of the Syrian opposition, told the BBC Russian service in an interview in February she had arrived in Damascus three months earlier.

She reported on the conflict for various Russian-language media outlets.

Her mother, Lyudmila Dudarenkova, made an emotional call for her daughter's release.

"Any mother who has a child will understand me," she said, speaking in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

"Without her I won't be alive as well. I am calling on those who hold her. You have mothers and children too. Please don't commit a sin. I'm begging you to set my daughter free."

"This news is very alarming indeed and we are gravely concerned for the safety of Anhar Kochneva," said IFJ president Jim Boumelha in a statement.

"Those who are holding her will be held responsible for summary execution if she is killed."

Arne Koenig, the EFJ's president, commented on the reported ransom demand: "This blatant use of journalists as a money-spinning scheme is outrageous.

"She and her family should not be subjected to such a cruel blackmail. She should be released immediately and unharmed to be reunited with her relatives and colleagues."