UN Head Thanks Russia, US for Syria Meeting Initiative




UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has thanked top Russian and US diplomats for their initiative to organize an international conference on Syria, his spokesman Martin Nesirky said,according toRIA Novosti.


The Secretary-General spoke by telephone separately with US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.


“They discussed the recent statements on Syria made during the Secretary of State’s visit to Moscow.  The Secretary-General commended both men for their leadership and initiative,” Nesirky told reporters.


During US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Russia earlier this week, an agreement was reached to hold an international meeting on Syria that will include both representatives of the Syrian government and opposition. The conference, expected to be arranged by the end of this month, will be aimed at facilitating a solution to the Syrian crisis through political dialogue.


 “The United Nations stands ready to play its role in helping to bring about a peaceful settlement. The Secretary-General strongly encourages all parties to seize this opportunity,” the spokesman said.



Brazil for Peaceful Solution to Crisis in Syria

RIO DE JANEIRO, (ST)_ Brazil has renewed its permanent support for finding a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

"Brazil is ready to contribute and support efforts in this direction, " Xinhua news agency quoted Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota as saying in a press statement on Thursday.

"Brazil welcomes Russian-US accord regarding Syria and the proposal of holding an international conference to tackle this matter, "added  Patriota.

In a joint press conference with Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi in Brasilia held yesterday, Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff voiced her country's support for a political solution to the crisis in Syria by the Syrians and supported by the international community.


Bomb in Pakistan tribal town kills four on eve of election: official

A motorbike bomb close to party political offices killed four people and wounded 15 in a town in Pakistan's restive tribal northwest Friday, on the eve of the country's general election, according to Voice of Russia.

The bomb went off in the main bazaar of Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan district, a notorious hub of Taliban and Al-Qaeda linked militants, a security official said.

Pakistan goes to the polls on Saturday to elect a new government, the first time in the country's turbulent history that one civilian administration has handed power to another through the ballot box.

But the campaign has been marred by violence, with more than 100 people killed in bombings and shootings in the month leading up to polling day, according to an AFP tally.

Witnesses and hospital officials said 15 people had been taken to the state-run Miranshah hospital, some of them in a serious condition. Another official in the northwestern city of Peshawar confirmed the blast and the casualties.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blast, but the Taliban, have carried out numerous attacks to undermine the polls.

The Pakistani Taliban have directly threatened the outgoing Pakistan People's Party and its main coalition partners, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and the Awami National Party.



Malaysia ,South Africa condemn Zionist entity air strike on Syria


The Malaysian government today condemned Israel's air strike on Syria on Sunday, causing many civilian deaths, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak,according to New Straits Times

The statement said the air strike launched without provocation is a serious violation of the territorial integrity of a sovereign country and violation of international law and the United Nations (UN) charter.

While denouncing the air strike, Najib said Malaysia joined other countries in urging the UN Security Council to take immediate action against the violation  to prevent the Middle East conflict from escalating.

South Africa

The ruling party in South Africa (ANC) has condemned the Israeli government, saying that it "can only escalate hostilities in the Middle East".

"We view this as provocation that can only escalate hostilities in the Middle East, which in our view complicates and undermine[s] the need for [a] peaceful resolution of the crisis in  Syria," African National Congress deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte has said .

Iran's UN ambassador

Iran's UN ambassador Mohammad Khazaee complained to the United Nations about the air strikes, describing them as "provocative and unwarranted attacks".

"Nothing can justify the use of force and act of aggression against a sovereign state and the aggressor must be held accountable for any consequences stemming from this condemnable and illegitimate act which endangers regional and international peace and security."


National Panthers Party Condemned Occupation Attacks

New Delhi, (ST)- The  National Panthers Party held an emergency executive meeting in the capital to review the situation that has developed in the Middle-East following third aerial attack against Damascus Airport, Syria in utter violation of UN Charter and international laws. Prof. Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron of National Panthers Party who is also Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council sent a strong communication to Mr. Ban ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations urging him to convene Security Council Meeting without delay to condemn Israeli aggression and seeking UN Sanctions against Israel in the interest of peace in West Asia.

 Prof. Bhim Singh accused United Nations for its double standards vis-à-vis the Middle-East. He said that Israel has never cared for the resolutions of the United Nations and floated all directions of the United Nations to implement Resolution 242, 338 & several others where Israel was directed to withdraw from all Arab lands occupied by Israel in 1948, 1947 & after. Israel continues to occupy Golan Heights of Syria and several areas of Palestine in violation of UN Resolutions and commands.

The Panthers Party Supremo warned that Syrian crises may lead towards global unrest in case US-backed Israel is not stopped from its interference into the affairs of the bordering states particularly Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt. The Panthers Party demanded suspension of Israel from the UN Membership as it was created illegally by the big powers through the nose of the United Nations in 1947.

The Panthers Party in its assurances to the leadership and the people of Syria conveyed to Dr. Bashar-al-Assad, the President of Syria India’s total support and solidarity. The Panthers Party Supremo also urged Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India to take up the matter with BRICS and NAM countries to ensure that unity, integrity and sovereignty of Syria is not harmed by Israel, USA and their allies.

Sd/-Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary


New Czech Initiative Stresses Solidarity with Syria

PRAGUE- A group of Czech intellectuals and journalists have announced the establishment of a new initiative for solidarity with Syria.

The initiative stresses its support for the efforts being exerted to attain a political solution to the crisis in Syria based on respecting the political and economic sovereignty of the Syrian State and on maintaining the integrity of the Syrian land.

In its constitutional document, of which  SANA had received a copy, the initiative affirmed that Syria alone, without any foreign interference, should find its own democratic example to lead the Syrian society and state in an a way that goes in harmony with the Syrian historical traditions and cultural legacy.

Founders of the initiative expressed their respect to the deeply-rooted state of national unity and tolerance prevailing among all sects of the Syrian society, warning that such human values are being deliberately targeted.

The initiative pointed out that it seeks wider influence in popular circles in the Czech and in Slovakia, and that it is ready to cooperate with all foreign parties, groups and individuals who share it the same goals.

The initiative also stressed that it "supports all the Syrian political forces and social parties which seek bigger political and economic participation by Syrian citizens in the democratic process without any kind of ethnic or religious distinction.

H. Mustafa

Russia Will Do Everything To Ensure Peace – Putin

In his speech at the parade marking the 68th anniversary of victory in the Second World War, President Putin laid a heavy emphasis on WWII as an eternal reminder of the horrors of war, and stressed Russia’s role in preserving peace and preventing new wars.

“We remember what the tragedy of war means, and we will do everything, everything that we can to ensure that no one ever dares unleash another one, to ensure that no one threatens our children, our home, our land. We will do everything to strengthen global security,” President Putin said, according to RIA Novosti.

Victory in May 1945 was, Putin said, “an alarm bell that sounds the confirmation of life without war.”

His speech stressed that unity among the different peoples and ethnicities within Russia was bound up with values such as patriotism, family, and loyalty to their roots and shared history.

“It was for these values that our people so valiantly fought” Putin said.


Moscow, Beijing to Coordinate Over Crisis in Syria

Moscow, Brasilia (ST) _ The  Russian Foreign Ministry  announced that Moscow and Beijing are planning to continue coordinating  efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria  very soon.

Itar-Tass quoted spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry as  saying after the meeting between the representative of the Russian president on Middle East  affairs  and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and the Chinese Ambassador in Moscow Li Hui  that "the two sides focused during the talks on the Russian-American  agreements to settle the crisis in Syria, concluded during the visit of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Moscow on Tuesday . "

The  Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that emphasize was laid  on  the common quest to continue to coordinate the efforts of Moscow and Beijing to resolve the crisis in Syria as soon as possible.

 Following talks on Tuesday with his  US peer John Kerry in Moscow, Lavrov announced : "Russia and the US  will work to encourage the Syrian government and opposition groups to find a political solution" and the two sides agreed on the need to make efforts in order to accelerate that .

Meantime,  the Russian Foreign Ministry  announced it  informed Syria's ambassador to Russia, Dr. Riad Haddad with  the content of the Russian and American consensus finalized during a meeting between Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, John Kerry, and U.S. Secretary of State.

"A  meeting  was held between the Special Representative of the Russian President, and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov and Ambassador Haddad  during which the Syrian side was notified by the  content of the Russian-American agreements finalized  during May 7th talks between the two ministers,  Lavrov and Kerry to  overcome the crisis in the Syria by calling for an international conference on the basis of Geneva statement on June 30th.

Meanwhile, , Ambassador Tovar Nunes da Silva, spokesman for the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations  said that Brazil supports the Russian- US  compatibility to reach a political solution to end the crisis in Syria.

"Happy as we received information about these efforts, especially that the initiative seeks  a political solution , negotiated with the participation of the Syrians," the Brazilian official said

The  Brazilian spokesman reiterated his country 's  position in  support for a political solution in Syria through dialogue, adding, "since the beginning of the crisis in Syria , Brazil 's  Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota  advocated a call   for a negotiable  and unarmed  solution and is armed in the region," pointing out that the military intervention in the region is not  and option.

T. Fateh