Brazil welcomes Russia`s stance on Syria - Rousseff

 Brazil welcomes Russia’s stance on Syria, Dilma Rousseff said after her talks with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday.

“We understand Russia’s concerns over tensions in Syria and support Moscow in what it has been doing to settle the conflict”, Rousseff said.

She also added that Brazil welcomes upgrading the Arab Palestinians` status at the UN.

A Moscow summit between President Putin and his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Roussef has produced a bilateral strategic partnership agreement. 

Emerging from the summit, the Russian leader spoke about mutual investment and cooperation in the industry and also mentioned Russian-Brazilian coordination within international bodies including the UN, the G20 and BRICS.

Russia and Brazil are going to keep in touch on key international issues, President Putin said during a meeting with his Brazilian opposite number.

Mr. Putin said the get-together hinged primarily on international agenda.

Russia expects to boost its goods turnover with Brazil to 10 billion dollars. The Russian leader also called for more production cooperation and mutual investment.

Russia, Brazil ‘close partners’ - Putin

The global crisis has failed to check the growth of trade and other economic ties between Russia and Brazil.

Emerging from a summit with his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff in Moscow Friday, President Putin also spoke about fruitful foreign policy cooperation between the two countries, including within BRICS, the group that brings them together with India, China and South Africa.

He mentioned the fact that sales to Russia account for over 40% of Brazil’s beef export.

Voice of Russia, TASS, RIA




Dialogue is the Only Solution to Crisis: Syrian Coalition forces for peaceful Change




MOSCOW,(ST)_ Members of the Syrian  delegation  representing the " coalition forces for peaceful change" , to Moscow stressed that  peaceful  solution for the  crisis in Syria is the only outlet attained through national dialogue based on  rejecting  foreign interference and halting of violence , noting that   external opposition  recalls foreign intervention into the Syrian internal affairs.

In a press conference they held following their meeting  with the Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov  in Moscow,  members of the  delegation  stressed that the so called " Doha conference" was pre-fabricated and its attendees  went there just to sign  already prepared documents.

They  also stressed that the American recognition of " Doha coalition is, but a blow to the basics of democracy and a confiscation  of the right of the Syrian people  to self-determination.

"There is no military solution to the crisis in Syria and that the only possible solution is that maintained  through  unconditional dialogue, based on the principles of rejecting  foreign interference and all forms of violence and extremism , " stressed chairman of the  delegation Dr. Qadri Jamil , calling  on  everyone to join the  dialogue and to give up arms.

"We agreed with Lavrov that  dialogue should start immediately and to expand humanitarian aid to the Syrian people," Jamil said,  adding that Russia  is Syria 's  historical friend  and that what is required is to bring the opposition together and  launching the  dialogue .

"As a national opposition inside Syria, we are ready for dialogue  and the door is open for  those who want to join us  and preset  conditions for dialogue means  abrogation  of the dialogue ,"  Jamil added.

He made it clear that the imperialists  of the West  have not changed  their  position concerning the crisis supporting  foreign intervention  in Syria, adding that the  global war against Syria and the unfair economic sanctions against  it caused great economic losses, yet   Syria is well adapted with these  challenges.

Replying to a question  on  including " al-Nusra front " on the list of U.S. terrorism , Dr. Jamil explained : "Our  experience with the U.S. administration regarding this matter is not  confidence- inspired,  because the armed groups in Syria receive orders and support from the West itself ."

For his part, member  of the Peaceful Change  Trend,  Fateh Jamous,  called for the formation of a united front to withstand the Turkish intervention in the Syrian internal affairs, noting that the Turkish support for the armed terrorist groups is  large and clear, and that  Washington is the worst  "decision-making center for the crisis in Syria."


"What we seek  is that the Russians and the Chinese will eliminate  the  ill effects of the policies  conducted by the  USA and the West against Syria ,  and they are doing their part , based  on  respect for  international law and security and peace in the world," adding that the delegation proposed the  idea of forming  national democratic forces  teams  including  social, people and political forces  in order to find out a political solution  for the crisis in Syria.

The representatives of the  Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Tareq al-Ahmad,  member of the Secular Democratic Trend, Mazen Bilal,  and the representative  of the " third trend  for Syria", Samy Betinjanah,  stressed that the national opposition rejects classification of Syria on the ground  of minorities and majorities . "We want a transparent democracy , and do  reject the sectarian language uttered by Doha coalition."

They noted Russia 's  seriousness in dealing with the crisis in Syria, stressing that the Russian position has not changed: the  Syrian people,  should  maintain self-determination  and decide  their fate  by themselves as well as  the form of  their reign away from any external interference.

"We want to build a political environment through dialogue, which will isolate the terrorists ,extremists and radicals, and be able to get out of  the crisis." They emphasized.

On the other hand,  Dr. Jamil  stated  that talks  of the delegation  with the Russian Foreign minister Sergei  Lavrov resulted in an agreement not to  postpone the dialogue in Syria . Further more ,the  need to speed it up and  to  provide the Syrian people  with humanitarian relief aids under the  unjust siege imposed by the  colonial West against the Syrian people .

He  said that the Russian friends  expressed  willingness  to  ensure requirements  to move to this direction.


T. Fateh




National Panthers Party Press Release




US recognition of Syrian opposition amounts to declaration of war against Syria; threat to peace in SE Asia

New Delhi, 14th December, 2012:-

Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Member of National Integration Council (India) & Chairman of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council accused US President, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama of repeating the history of 1939 when Hitler damned the League of Nations. Obama’s decision to give recognition to the terrorist groups in Syria, styled as rebel/opposition to the lawfully established government of President Dr. Bashar-al-Assad.

The Panthers Party Supremo who is also a Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association (India) dashed a letter to the US President calling for the withdrawal of the threatening statement, "You as President of the US has responsibility to ensure that the UN Charter is not smashed in dustbin by you as Hitler had done with the League of Nations instigating the second world war. Syria is a sovereign nation governed by a legitimate government recognized by the Charter and all the Members of the United Nations. It is US which has destroyed unique cultural entity of Iraq, then Libya and now is running after Syria with mala fide intention to serve the interest of the Zionist lobby in the US which has been monitoring the affairs in the Arab World by assisting the CIA. I hope and trust that you as the President of the US may not trigger war in South-East Asia. The situation in South-East Asia is different than it was during US-NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya etc. Russian Federation under the leadership of its President, Mr. Vladmir Putin is alive today and the US President should not undermine the strength and wisdom of the Russian leadership. While condemning the US recognition of the terrorist groups operating in Syria to dislodge a lawful government, the US President has committed a breach of trust and threatened the global security. We know that Iran is in your mind after Syria but the distance between Washington and Tehran is much longer than the distance between Moscow and Damascus. Hope you reconsider Zionist-sponsored agenda in the interest of US itself."

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed solidarity with the people of Syria and Iran and their leadership hoping that NAM countries shall play their destined role with the leadership of India and Iran walking side by side in the defence of peace and for the people of South-East Asia whose future stand threatened by the US hawks.

Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary






Russia not in talks over Syria's leadership :FM

  • MOSCOW, (ST) —— Russia is not conducting any talks over the fate of Syrian leadership, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich confirmed this news report once again on Friday,according to ITAR-TASS.

    “We are not conducting any talks either with our US partners or in other formats,” he noted. “Russia is searching meticulously and insistently for the ways to settle the current crisis in Syria in political ways,” he said.

    “The fulfilment of the Geneva agreements is the platform for this settlement. The violence should be stopped and the parties to the conflict should get down to the table of negotiations,” Lukashevich said. The fate of the peoples rather than their leaders is at stake, the Russian diplomat added.
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Syria's destiny should be decided by Syrians themselves, says Chinese Foreign Ministry


BEIJING,(ST)-"We have noticed relevant reports. China believes that the destiny of Syria should be decided by the Syrian people on their own. It is imperative now to cease fire, end violence, launch and promote the political transition process led by the Syrian people as soon as possible in order to achieve the fair, peaceful and proper settlement of the Syrian issue",Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei  said.

" The international community should play a positive and constructive role in pressing all parties in Syria to work for the above goals. The Chinese side is willing to keep in contact and communication with all parties concerned in Syria,"affirmed Lei.


Moscow's stance on the crisis in Syria hasn't shifted


MOSCOW ,(ST)- Russia's Foreign Ministry on Friday denied that a top diplomat said the Syrian government  is losing control over an increasing part of the country, a statement that had been interpreted as signalling a shift in Russia's assessment of the situation.

The Russian foreign ministry on Friday insisted in a statement that Bogdanov "has not made any statements or special interviews recently" on Syria but was simply citing the stance of the Syrian opposition while giving a speech.


Thousands protests as Turkish conspiracy trial nears end

Thousands of Turkish protested outside a court near Istanbul on Thursday against the trial of nearly 300 people charged with attempting to overthrow Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Security forces wielded batons and fired pepper spray to keep crowds behind barricades in front of the courthouse at the sprawling Silivri prison complex, where dozens of the defendants have been in jail for much of the four-year trial,according to Reuters.

Those in the dock include politicians, academics, journalists and retired army officers accused of membership of a shadowy underground network of ultra-nationalists.

The alleged group, "Ergenekon", is accused of orchestrating decades of political violence, extra-judicial killings and bomb attacks, and most recently of trying to topple Erdogan.

Rivalry between religious and secular elites is one of the major fault lines in Turkish public life. The case is emblematic of Erdogan's long-standing battle with secularist opponents, and one of a series of conspiracy trials that he describes as a struggle against anti-democratic forces.

Erdogan's critics say the trial is part of efforts to stifle opponents of his AK Party (AKP), whose strong strain of religious conservatism they see as undermining Turkey's secular foundations. There were calls for the government to resign among slogans chanted by the crowds.


"Turkey is secular and will remain secular!", "The AKP will have to answer to the people!", "Shoulder-to-shoulder against fascism!", chanted the crowds.

They were largely made up of members of the main opposition CHP, a smaller left-wing party whose leader is one of the defendants, and secularist associations.

The Ergenekon case and other conspiracy trials have drawn accusations of political influence over the judiciary, with the CHP describing them as an "Inquisition" against opponents of the government.

"These courts look like different cases, but they are all the same. They are carrying out a political mission," CHP deputy leader Umut Oran, who was attending the hearing, told Reuters.

The 275 defendants, 66 of them in custody pending a verdict, include former armed forces chief Ilker Basbug and two deputies from the CHP. Once prosecutors have summed up their case, the defendants will have a right to a final statement which, given their numbers, could still take months.


Russia Renewed Rejection of Military Force Use Against Syria

MOSCOW,(ST)_  Russian  Army Chief of Staff  Valery Gerasimov  renewed rejection of  any interference from any party , especially the use of military force against Syria, stressing the need of dialogue to resolve the crisis in Syria.
"Solving the crisis in Syria  is only possible through dialogue between  parties,without a third party intervention , especially the use of military force." Gerasimov said following his talks on Thursday with the representative  of NATO ‘s military committee  Knud Bartels
Gerasimov criticized NATO ‘s  deployment  of the Patriot missile system in Turkey , noting that " despite the fact that the situation in Syria is deteriorating  , NATO is deploying anti-aircraft  missiles systems  in Turkey."

For his part,  Bartels  said  that " NATO shares  the  Russian concern over the grave  situation in Syria”, noting  “  we will work to strengthen relations with General Gerasimov  in this regard."
Meantime, chairman of the  public division for international military cooperation at  the Russian defense ministry Sergei  Koshelev ,  said  that the Danish  Gen.  Knud Bartels  announced on Thursday in Moscow that NATO has no plans for military intervention in Syria.
"The Russian side welcomed this statement which  reflects   the position  of NATO Military Committee, which means that NATO will continue its commitment to this position in the future , and therefore will  not carry out  any military operations against Syria regardless of the evolution of conditions  in this country , and the Libyan scenario will not be repeated in Syria.”  Koshelev  emphasized.


T. Fateh