Putin Calls Ukraine Army ‘NATO’s Foreign Legion’

The Russian President Vladimir Putin says the Ukrainian army is “NATO’s foreign legion” and does not pursue Ukraine’s national interests.

“In essence, this is already not an army, but a foreign legion, in this case NATO’s foreign legion, that certainly does not pursue the goal of defending Ukraine’s national interests,” Putin said.

“It has quite different goals — geopolitical containing of Russia, which is absolutely inconsistent with the national interests of the Ukrainian people,” he added.

Germany Stops Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia

MOSCOW- Germany ceased arms exports to Saudi Arabia, with some of the delivery contracts cancelled or left for later revision amid region's instability, the Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported Sunday citing government sources.

According to the newspaper, the decision was made after the Bundessicherheitsrat (Germany’s Federal Security Council) meeting on Wednesday, which involved German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.

Dozen former French soldiers, including elite troops, join terrorist networks in Syria, Iraq – reports

A dozen former French soldiers, mostly from Special Forces and the Foreign Legion, have joined what is called “jihadist fighting” in Syria and Iraq, a defense ministry source confirms, as the government readies a new multimillion anti-terror plan, according to RT.

Reports of French ex-military turning to “jihad” first appeared on Radio France Internationale (RFI) and in L'Opinion daily on Wednesday.

Czech FM Criticizes Gulf States Schizophrenic Policies on Terrorism Fighting

 PRAGUE- Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomir Zaoralek has criticized the Schizophrenic Policies of some Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia regarding the fight against terrorism.

 In a statement to a TV talk show to be broadcast by the Czech “Actualni” website on Thursday, Zaoralek said “representatives of these Gulf countries sit with the Europeans at international conferences, dedicated to discuss ways of fighting terrorism and confronting the ISIL terrorist organization, but at the same time they continue financing terrorist groups in the region.”

Lavrov: Moscow meeting to prepare for Further Inter-Syrian Dialogue

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed yesterday that the goal of the Inter- Syrian meeting in Moscow is to assist in preparation for a new round of talks between the Syrian parties to reconsider errors happened in previous talks in Geneva.

US Wants To Dominate World, Says Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the United States wants to dominate the world, adding that attempts by the West to isolate Russia over the crisis in Ukraine would not produce results.

Lavrov made the remarks on Wednesday at a press conference in Moscow, a day after US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech.

“The address delivered by President Obama yesterday proves that the [US] philosophy has only one central piece - we are No.1 and everyone else has to admit it,” said Lavrov.

Fighting Terrorism in the Region Needs Coordination with Syria – Zasypkin

BEIRUT, (ST)-The Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin has stressed that fighting terrorism, ridding the region of terrorists, particularly in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and putting an end to the spread of terrorism necessitates cooperation among all concerned countries and most importantly coordination with Syria.

Tehran, Moscow to Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Defense

Iran and Russia will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the expansion of military cooperation.

The letter of intent will be signed by Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General HosseinDehqan and his Russian counterpart General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, who is due in the Iranian capital, Tehran, for a two-day official visit on Monday.