Moscow Promises Response to EU Sanctions Announced After Minsk Meeting on Ukraine

MOSCOW - Russia will 'certainly' react to new European Union's sanctions, if they are implemented, Russia's Foreign Ministry said Saturday.

"Concerning the new list of sanctions on behalf of the EU, if they are implemented, the reaction will certainly follow on our side," the ministry said in a statement.

The EU is expected to impose a new round of sectoral sanctions against Russia on Monday, a number of European politicians told RIA Novosti late Friday.European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso also said a week ago that the EU was ready to expand the list of limitations imposed on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis.

Maduro warns against Attempts to Destabilize Syria

CARACAS, (ST) _Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has warned against attempts promoted by "imperialist powers", aiming to destabilize Syria and the Middle East countries.

During his intervention at the closing session of the first workshop on the formation of the PSUV, President Madura pointed to an article by former Cuban President Fidel Castro titled "triumph of ideas or triumph of disaster" in which he warned against the American West attempts to destabilize the entire region by terrorist organizations.

NATO Ready to Welcome Putin’s Peace Plan for Ukraine Says Rasmussen

MOSCOW - NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen expressed his readiness to welcome Russian President Vladimir Putin’s peace plan for Ukraine in case it is genuine.

 “If recent statements from President Putin represent a genuine effort to find a political solution, I would welcome it, because that is exactly what we need, a constructive political process,” Rasmussen said during joint press conference with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in the course of NATO summit in Wales.

Lavrov: Fighting Terrorism in Iraq While Ignoring it in Syria Unacceptable

MOSCOW- Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, has affirmed that it is unacceptable to support terrorism fighting in Iraq and ignore it in Syria.

In a joint press conference with his Tunisian counterpart Monji Hamdi in Moscow on Tuesday, Lavrov said that the danger of terrorism should be confronted away from “double standard policies” and that there must be a general framework helping all parties combat terrorism and its repercussions.

Hundreds of Americans Have ISIL Links - US Senator

US Senator Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan, said there are hundreds of Americans who have connections with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS) terrorists.

Rogers, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, voiced out on Sunday his fear that the Americans with ISIS links could enter the US using their American passports. He also mentioned that some of them trained with the militant group, Chinatopix reported.

Russia reserves right for response measures in case of new sanctions — Foreign Ministry

Russia will take retaliatory measures in case the EU imposes new sanctions, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Monday, according to ITAR TASS.

An analysis of the European Council’s latest conclusions of August 30 shows that EU member states cannot overcome the inertia of unreserved support for Kiev authorities. “The hysteria at the European Council meeting about mythical ‘Russian aggression’ in Ukraine has brought fruit.”

Ukrainian Military Targeting Residential Areas, Europe Prefers Not to Notice, Says Putin

YAKUTSK – The Ukrainian military is purposely firing at residential areas but Europe prefers not to notice, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday.

The [actions of the militia in eastern Ukraine] are apparent because Ukraine’s regular units have encircled large populated areas and are firing at residential quarters on purpose,” Putin said.

Lavrov: West Justifies Terrorism in Syria despite Anti Terror International Agreements

 MOSCOW- “The West justifies terrorism in Syria despite all international agreements on combating terrorism,” Russia’s Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov said on Monday, addressing students at Moscow University.

Lavrov asserted that the crisis in Syria crossed the borders to reach Iraq which is getting assistance from the West to fight terrorism; assistance that is not provided to Syria.