US Must Not Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

A leading human rights group has called on the United States not to approve pending weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, warning that such sales could implicate Washington in war crimes.

In a letter to US President Donald Trump, Amnesty International said the arms sales would only serve to further arm the Saudi-led coalition that has attacked thousands of civilians in Yemen in violation of international law.

Amnesty International’s researchers have already found many unexploded US-made bombs among the ruins of Yemeni residential buildings. The bombs include cluster munitions which are banned weapons under international law.

Zakharova: 'West Evades Condemning Terrorist Attacks in Syria'

MOSCOW-The behavior of Moscow's Western partners regarding the situation in Syria raises eyebrows, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

 Russia's Western partners in the UN Security Council are constantly evading condemning terrorist attacks in Syria, Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday, according to Sputnik.

"Our Western partners in the UN Security Council, allegedly seeking to fight terrorism, as they regularly claim, act in a way that is beyond logic and common sense. They are evading, under various pretexts, condemning terrorist attacks in Syria," Zakharova said.

She stressed that such behavior was reflecting the position of West toward Syria and its people.

Russian Sappers in Syria to Help Demine Palmyra

A group of Russian sappers have arrived at Khmeimim Air Base in Syria to help demine the ancient city of Palmyra, recently recaptured  from Daesh by the Syrian army and its allies for the second time, the Russian Defense Ministry has said.

“The latest bomb disposal unit of the International Mine Action Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has arrived in Syria to assist in the humanitarian demining of the ancient city of Palmyra. The personnel, military equipment and property of the unit were quickly transferred by aircraft of the Military Transport Aviation from the Chkalovsky [Moscow Region] airfield to the Khmeimim air base. After that the detachment made a march [to Palmyra] and proceeded to mine sweep the city,” the ministry said in a statement on Thursday, according to RT.

Prague to Take Part in Reconstruction in Syria, Iraq: Zoaralek

PRAGUE, (ST)- The Czech Foreign Minister Lubomir Zoaralek told a press conference on Wednesday that the Czech companies can join reconstruction in Syria after the crisis ends given the Czech republic's good reputation and its keenness on keeping the Czech embassy in Damascus opened and active.

Pentagon Official: US Set to Deploy 1,000 More Troops to Syria

The United States is set to deploy about 1,000 additional US troops to northern Syria, according to a Pentagon official, following reports that the Trump administration is planning to send thousands of soldiers to Syria.

The official told AFP on Wednesday that President Donald Trump and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis are yet to approve the provisional plans drawn up by the Pentagon, Press TV reported.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, "That's one of the proposals that's on the table for discussion."

Washington has currently between 800 and 900 Special Operations troops in Syria, according to AFP.

Fresh Terrorist Bombings in Damascus Widely Condemned

CAPITALS, (ST)- The new coward terrorist blasts which targeted today the Justice palace and a restaurant in Damascus received wide condemnation and were seen as a desperate attempt by the terrorists to cover their defeat in several Syrian areas the terrorists and  to foil the political process aiming to find solution to the crisis in Syria.

 In Moscow, Russia strongly condemned the terrorist attacks which hit Damascus on Wednesday and were carried out deliberately to coincide with the third round of international consultations on Syria in Kazakh capital Astana.

Three Guarantors of Astana Process Meet Today in Kazakh Capital

ASTANA-The three guarantors of the Astana process, Russia, Iran and Turkey, will hold a meeting on Wednesday within the framework of the third round of Astana talks on Syria, Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Anuar Zhaynakov told journalists today.

The Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov will attend the meeting, according to Zhaynakov.

The Russian Itar Tass news agency earlier reported that the Russian and Iranian representatives are holding a meeting in Kazakhstan’s Astana at the Rixos hotel.

Russia’s delegation is led by the president’s special envoy for the Syrian settlement, Alexander Lavrentyev, while Iran’s delegation is headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Ansari, according to the agency.

Theresa May Hails ‘Defining Moment’ after MPs Pass Brexit Bill

British Prime Minister Theresa May has hailed the UK Parliament’s vote giving her the green light to formally begin the Brexit process, saying the country faces a “defining moment” as it leaves the European Union.

"I will return to this house before the end of this month to notify when I have formally triggered Article 50 and begun the process through which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union," she told parliament in an address on Tuesday.

The prime minister told MPs that her timetable for invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by the end of March was on track.

"This will be a defining moment for our whole country as we begin to forge the new relationship with Europe and a new role for ourselves in the world," she said.