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Medvedev: Russia for Settling the Crisis in Syria through Dialogue

 MOSCOW, (ST) _ "Russia's position concerning the crisis in Syria is very obvious in calling for dialogue, agreeing on a political solution to the crisis and ending  the violence, " said the Russian Prime Minister Demitry Medvedev .

 Peace will not be achieved in Syria as long as some western countries  continue demanding the resignation of Syrian President and providing  weapons to the armed groups, underscored Medvedev in statements to Finnish media on the eve of his visit to Finland.

 The Russian Prime Minister regretted the unilateral positions taken by some countries in calling for immediate step down, while planning to arm the other party, stressing that the crisis in Syria will not be solved this way, rather this will lead to the fragmentation of the Syrian state.

 He indicated that events which took place in the Middle East and North Africa over the last two years did not achieve peace or stability to the region.


T. Fateh