OPCW: Syria Scraps all Chemical Equipment

The UN-based Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has announced that Syria has destroyed all declared equipment for producing, mixing and filling chemical arms. The OPCW has confirmed that the entire declared stock of Syria's chemical weapons was placed in safe locations. Chemical weapons and agents are under tamper proof seals, according to the Voice of Russia.

Reuters has cited an OPCW memo that says the Syrian government has seen to the destruction of declared equipment and facilities.

The message said the chemical arms watchdog was satisfied with the monitoring of the elimination of every piece of equipment needed to produce, mix and fill chemical weapons at 23 facilities across Syria.

International inspectors have placed Syria's entire declared stock of chemical weapons and agents under tamper-proof seal, the world's chemical watchdog said Thursday.

"All stocks of chemical weapons and agents have been placed under seals that are impossible to break," Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) spokesman Christian Chartier told AFP, adding that the seals were "tamper proof".

Syria has sent in a declaration of its chemical weapons activities and facilities, meeting its obligations as a new state party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.