Israeli Aggressions Continued


GAZA,(ST)-  In response to the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Resistance fired Monday a  missile against the Israeli occupation sites causing panic among the Israeli settlers.
The missile landed at Netivot settlement east of Gaza, causing damage to several housing units and disrupting the electricity grid, Palestinian Press Agency (SAFA) reported.
The Israeli occupation aircrafts at dawn today renewed their aggression and escalation against the Gaza Strip and launched raids on several locations in the sector.
The head of the local committee in Bir Hadaj Suleiman Abu Hamid, added that police forces of occupation, accompanied by military forces, stormed into the village and started the suppression of citizens who fought against them.
Abu Hamid stressed that the use of the occupation forces of live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas caused a large number of wounded.
Abu Hamid considered that the Israeli  occupation attack against the village as a revenge by police occupation against the citizens after failing to arrest a number of them last week, returning today to exercise repression and terrorism against Palestinians.


H. Shamout