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Qaradawi Provokes Russian Muslims, Chechen President




MOSCOW, (ST) – President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov  deplored statements  made by Youssef al-Qaradawi  from Qatar, considering  Russia " the first enemy of Islam."

Al-Qaradawi  "remarks  are illogical ,shocking and are directed against millions of Russian Muslims," Kadyrov added in a statement circulated  by the Chechen Presidency  on Saturday.

"Qaradawi statements were regretted  by Muslims of  Russia, where thirty million  Muslims are living,  building hundreds of mosques  every year and performing al-Haj rituals",  the statement said , adding that " the Russian constitution guarantees the freedom of religious belief",  noting that Qaradawi should be reminded that Russia does not  provide thousands of mercenaries from all over the world with  weapons and money in order to infiltrate to Syria  and commit there,  terrorist acts , shedding the blood of Syrian women , children and the elderly .

The statement continued that Qaradawi should  also know that " Russia  has international obligations towards  Syria , as our ally for many years and that the weapons reaching it are  sold to it as any other country may do.

President  Kadyrov recalled what the  Russian President Vladimir Putin  had announced to the whole world,  "that Russia was and will always be the best partner of Islamic countries", noting that for decades  Muslims of Russia, were deprived of praying in mosques ,  learn the Holy Quran,  and visiting  the holy places in Mecca and Medina.

The statement recommended Qaradawi to dedicate full-time efforts  to spiritual enlightenment  and not to poke  his nose in politics , rather leaving it to professional politicians.

Worthy mentioning that  the All-Russia Fatwa house issued on October 31 a statement  calling on Muslims  not to listen to Qaradawi , noting  that the Muslims of Russia,  as part of the Muslim nation,  receive  signal stand against their country 's  foreign policy . A matter viewed as a call for disobedience  and a violations of  laws in Russia.


T. Fateh