Wide Support for the Russian Initiative on Syrian Chemicals

CAPITALS,(ST)_ Cypriot President NikosأAnastasiadis   welcomed the Russian  initiative on putting  the  chemical weapons in Syria under international control , adding  that this initiative will help to avoid large - scale conflict in Syria and the region as a whole.

Anastasiadis added in an interview with Itar - Tass news agency that " there are good prospects  in the initiative to avoid war, if completed in the manner proposed by Russia."

The  Cypriot President  continued that  the initiative will help find a political solution to the crisis in Syria and remove the threat of unpredictable consequences  war  on Syria and neighboring countries.

" I agree with the Russian initiative and I want it to be approved by everybody and that the main task is to implement it ,  under the auspices of the United Nations because in this case we will avoid the current  threat ."

Cyprus had confirmed that it will not participate in any military action led by the  US against Syria.

President of  EU  Commission : A political solution is the only way to achieve  peace in Syria

President  of the  European Commission  Jose Manuel Barroso said yesterday that " a political solution is the only one that allows bringing peace to which the Syrian people deserve ."

According to AFP, Barroso welcomed in his annual report on the status  of the European Union in the French city of Strasbourg yesterday the Russian initiative on chemical weapons in Syria , saying it was " good."

Barroso hoped the Syrian government  to apply the initiative  without delay: "The use of chemical weapons requires a strong response " , calling  on " the international community , especially the UN  to assume a collective responsibility to put an end to the crisis in Syria."

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Mouallim said that Syria welcomed the Russian initiative on chemical weapons from the Syrian leadership 's responsibility to prevent Western aggression and to preserve the lives of citizens and  the infrastructure.

Ashton renewed  support for the Russian initiative

In turn,  Commissioner  of the External Affairs and security in the European Union Catherine Ashton  called on members of the UN Security Council to " assume their responsibilities " in resolving the crisis in Syria.


AFP  quoted  Ashton as saying during the debate in the European Parliament on Syria in Strasbourg , France, yesterday,  that the "role of the Security Council can not be avoided and  members of the Council  must  shoulder their responsibilities in the crisis in Syria "

Ashton expressed ,once again, her  support for the Russian initiative on putting  chemical weapons in Syria under international supervision ,calling to " seize this new dynamic ."

Ashton said "  that Syria should declare respect  for the set  conditions as the matter  "  is  not just about solving the problem associated with the use of chemical weapons , but the settlement of the crisis as a whole .

Ashton announced that she  is active in  multi-directions  at the international level " and that the European Union is making " very intensive contacts with the Americans , the Russians and the Arab states ."

OIC welcomes Russian initiative

 Secretary - General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation  OIC EkmeleddinIhsanoglu,  welcomed the Russian initiative as a step towards finding a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

The organization said on its Web site that Ihsanoglu stressed the need to evacuate the Middle East from  weapons of mass destruction.

Ihsanoglu also stressed the need for the UN Security Council to take the necessary measures to stop  violence in Syria.


T. Fateh