Russia's Security Council: Syria leadership cannot be accused of chemical weapons use without proof

MOSCOW- It is inadmissible to accuse the Syrian leadership of the use of chemical weapons until the UN investigation is completed, the Russian Security Council believes,according to ITAR TASS.

 “Clearly, the use of chemical weapons in Syria or in some other conflict is unacceptable. However, there is no answer yet to the question on who has used chemical weapons there - the opposition or the government forces. The answer must be given by competent experts from the UN team, which is conducting there an on-site investigation,” and informed source in the Russian Security Council told Itar-Tass.

“It is unacceptable when without the results of the experts’ probe accusations continue to be voiced only against the Syrian leadership,” said the official. “The US, British and French politicians have been making statements about the allegedly available evidence. But why should we believe the words?” Where is the evidence?”

The  source said that the invasion of Iraq had also been preceded by the so-called “evidence” obtained by Western intelligence services ostensibly from their most reliable sources. The UN experts’ opinion was unclaimed. Now it is known that these “intelligence sources” shamelessly lied,” the source said, noting that the result was virtual destruction of the Iraqi state, the domination of terrorists, hundreds of thousands dead, the plight of the Iraqi people.

He cited the example of the most well-known terrorist organization Al Qaeda, which was created, as is known, by the CIA, for the war against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan.” “Now the Americans and their allies are persistently demonstrating the fight against this organization around the world. At the same time, the available intelligence data, the “quiet Americans” also now occasionally contact Al Qaeda representatives,” the source stressed.

He wondered, “Why is ignored the important information about the use of chemical weapons by armed detachments of the Syrian opposition, which terrorists and extremists from"Al Qaeda, the al-Nusra Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" affiliate themselves with?

“As it is known, terrorists may use any means, including chemical weapons. Recall at least the toxic gases that had been used by the notorious Aum Shinrikyo in the Tokyo subway,” the source said. “Why are these supposed champions of democracy and the new order a priori out of suspicion by the enlightened world community, which is ready to bomb a country that is the cradle of Christian civilization?”

“Why the leaders of the world’s strongest states actually act as allies of these terrorists and murderers? They do not want to listen to the words of the UN Secretary General, who on August 28 once again called on all sides of the Syrian conflict to restore peace, put an end to the bloodshed and violence,” the source said. “What’s happening? Who is pushing the US president to the decision to use force against Syria?”

In the view of the source, not only Syrians and their neighbors, but also the citizens of Western countries themselves would suffer and continue to suffer further as a result of such ventures; and not only those who would take part in the aggression, but also ordinary people.