Iran, Venezuela and Brazil voice support to Syrian government and people

Iran, Venezuela, Brazil,(ST)Iran, Venezuela and Brazil warned against the repercussions of smuggling weapons to the extremist groups and mercenaries in Syria.

Advisor to the Supreme Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution Ali Akbar Velayati, in an interview with the AP, asserted Iran’s support for the Syrian government and people.

"We strongly believe that the Syrian government will remain in power," he said, adding that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran won't hesitate to help the Syrian people and the Syrian government to defend their rights and territorial integrity.

Regarding Iran’s nuclear file, Velayati said that the election of Hasan Rouhani as the country's president gives an opportunity to world powers to cut a deal with Iran over its nuclear program, stating that Tehran will never again suspend its nuclear activities.

“Now, the West is shouldering the burden of reaching an accord with Iran in this regard, so Tehran is ready to respond to any relevant step”, Velayati pointed out.

Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Arakji called on the international community to condemn sending weapons and funds to the armed terrorist groups in Syria as well as the terrorist acts perpetrated by them.

Venezuela reiterated its rejection of foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs, as it also expressed support for the choice of finding a peaceful solution to the crisis.

In a statement submitted during a Security Council's session on protecting civilians held on Monday, Venezuela's permanent representative to the UN  Julio Escalona, stressed that providing arms to extremist groups and mercenaries fighting in Syria is conducive to instigating violence and terrorism against civilians.

For its part, Brazil affirmed that smuggling weapons into Syria will only lead to fomenting more violence.

Deputy Representative of Brazil to the UN  Regina Maria Cordeiro Dunlop, warned against  the repercussions of smuggling weapons to the armed groups in Syria which in turn fuels the conception of using  military option to solve the crisis in the country.

Dunlop stressed that prevention is always the best cure to harness the dangers of the armed conflicts and all concomitant causalities therefrom.

O. Al-Mohammad