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Indian concern over Destruction in Syria by Terrorists

 NEWDELHI,(ST)_ Indian Minister of State for Development and Human Resources Shashi Tharoor expressed India people and government sympathy and concern over the destruction Syria is exposed  to at the hands of subversive groups, stressing the importance of the historical relations between the peoples of the two brotherly countries.

"We are annoyed over what is happening in Syria and we want this state to maintain its secularism,  eliminate its ordeal and the Syrian people to enjoy security, peace and prosperity," the Indian minister said during his meeting with Syrian Ambassador to India, Dr. Riad Abbas yesterday.

 The Indian minister expressed his country's readiness to support Syria in the field of education and human resources development, welcoming the idea of promoting education. He proposed a draft agreement to the Syrian side to ratify it after agreeing its content.

For his part, Ambassador Abbas expressed appreciation and thanks to India's stances towards what is taking place in Syria and its assistance in all fields, especially in the area of education and grants.

The Syrian ambassador during the talks gave a detailed explanation on the extent of destruction and devastation in the education sector in Syria at the hands of armed terrorist groups, which do not want to Syria and its people development and modernity, but the elimination of the Syrian civil society, pointing out that the education in Syria which is free and compulsory is exposed to serious damage as terrorists are targeting teaching schools and universities.


T. Fateh