Irish Writer :Saudi Rulers Pour Money into Arming Terrorists, Takfiris in Region

The authorities of Saudi rulers are causing enough havoc and bloodshed across the Middle East and North Africa regions, pouring millions-of-dollars-worth of weaponry into Al Qaeda and other Takfiri networks that are destroying once proud civilizations in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Libya and other countries, underscored Irish writer Finian Cunningham.

In an article published by the Press TV yesterday, Cunningham said "the Saudi rulers’ agenda of covert terrorism - an agenda that serves their Western masters - is not well concealed. This is because the Saudi state intelligence leaves a trail of self-incriminating clues wherever it goes."

Cunningham referred to the latest reports which disclose that the Saudis tried to bribe Russia into abandoning Syria. Apparently, Saudi Arabia’s intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan dangled a $15-billion arms deal in front of Russia if it gives up its strategic alliance with the Syriangovernment.

"The Saudis seem to think that everyone else can be bought at a price," he said.

The Irish writer went on to say that from past Saudi arms deals with British Premier Margaret Thatcher, involving multi-million-dollar bribery, kickbacks and other corruption, but in Russia, Russian sources said that Putin rebuffed any such treachery with the Saudis.

What is significant here is that the disclosure of this sleazy business - thanks to Saudi unintelligence - represents a fatal gaffe for the whole Western-coordinated conspiracy against Syria, Cunningham said.

He added that for the past two years, the US, Britain and France have sedulously contrived a narrative that they are supporting a so-called "pro-democracy uprising” in Syria.

Cunningham added that astute observers are already aware of the Western criminal conspiracy against Syria. Nevertheless, it is valuable when this conspiracy is exposed and admitted to by the co-conspirators themselves.

According to Cunningham, Western political leaders, diplomats and media tend to be more savvy in the art of sophistry and deception. We can analyze and identify their criminal agenda, but it is rare to uncover an admission. But the reliably hapless Saudi rulers have done just that in their bribery attempt with Russia.

H. Mustafa