Irish Writer: Syrian Army Face Terrorists

PARIS,(ST)_ Irish  writer and political analyst Geroad Coleman said  the Syrian army is facing terrorist groups coming from  more than 29 countries, who  commit massacres, robberies, looting and rape against the Syrian people.

Coleman said in a television interview that these Western and Arab Gulf -funded groups terrorize the Syrian people since two years and commit war crimes against them , expressing hope  "the Syrian Arab Army to defeat these  criminal terrorists, who do not have any legitimacy."

Coleman explained that the only  legitimacy in Syria now is the Syrian government, describing  Doha coalition which was  formed by the Western powers  to serve its interests in the region as does not have any legitimacy  nor  represent the interests of the Syrian people.

He  pointed out that the European Union's decision to support Doha  coalition in order to steal Syria resources , deal with terrorists and buy stolen oil from them is defective and constitutes a violation of the  international law and the UN principles, and must be stopped.

Coleman said that these terrorists have no right to access the resources of the Syrian people and  can not be dealt with according to international law , noting that these terrorists are  fighting each other for controlling  oil wells.

"Should  there were  armed groups roaming in France , carrying guns and trying to take over Paris, the legal position to be taken by the French government then is to send  air force and deploy the army to the streets to arrest and kill the militants , if necessary,  because countries have the right to defend themselves".

" I have not seen any evidence of one crime  the Syrian army charged by, but I saw thousands of evidenced crimes committed by those  terrorists they call "rebels". He underscored.