Venezuela Reiterates Solidarity with Syria in War against Terrorism

 CARACAS- The Bolivarian Military-Civilian Front in Venezuela has reiterated solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism and foreign-backed mercenaries.

In a statement handed to the Syrian Ambassador to Venezuela Ghassan Abbas during his meeting with some Front members, the Venezuelan Front condemned all forms of direct and indirect foreign interference by world and Zionist imperialist forces in Syria’s internal affairs. It affirmed rejection of the global war waged against Syria and backed by the U.S., NATO countries and Zionist organizations which keep supporting armed terrorist groups in Syria and providing media cover for their terrorist activities.

The Front urged the international community not to allow such practices to be repeated in other countries, calling on UNSC member states like Russia and China to adopt a decisive stance in this respect and not to permit any attempt to violate Syria’s sovereignty.

 The Front demanded the international community to work hard to launch national dialogue in Syria to solve the crisis and put an end to the armed terrorist groups attacks on the Syrian people and their institutions.

The front condemned the Israeli attacks on some sites in Damascus Countryside and expressed concern over the serious damage caused to these sites.

“Continuous aggressions may push the region towards a destructive war that threatens international peace and security,” the Front warned.

“These attacks proves Israel’s direct involvement in the crisis in Syria and provides a clear-cut evidence of its relation with the armed groups that keep threatening the peaceful life of the Syrian people and trying to violate the sovereignty of their state,” it affirmed.

The Front reiterated its commitment to join efforts by international and regional organizations as well as those of the political parties, social movements and student organizations in Latin America so as to support the Syrian government to attain peace through political dialogue taking into consideration the complete respect of Syria’s independence and right to determine its destiny and preserve its land integrity.  

For his part, the Syrian Ambassador highly appreciated the solidarity voiced by friendly countries like China, Russia, Iran and Latin American states with Syria in the confrontation of the global war waged against the country.

He stressed that Syria is at the frontline of every confrontation with world imperialism, therefore, solidarity with Syria is necessary to enhance the struggle of all the peoples who suffer the hegemony schemes of imperialism.

 Abbas reiterated Syria’s ability to confront the war and withstand the crisis thanks to the Syrian people’s solidarity and support for their leadership.

H. Mustafa