Meddling in Syria's internal affairs will prolong the crisis,says Malaysian FM

Moscow, (ST)_ "the Syrian people are only to decide their own destiny without foreign interference, "said  Malaysian Foreign Minister, Hanifa Aman .

"actually, meddling in the Syria's internal  affairs will definitely  complicate and prolong the crisis, "underscored Aman.

Interviewed by  the RT TV channel on Friday, Aman stressed  that Malaysia welcomes the Russian-US initiative for organizing an international conference on  Syria.

''without dialogue, it will be difficult to reach a solution to the crisis, 'added Aman.

The Malaysian diplomat made it clear that  his country's foreign policy is based on the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, adding ''We, in Malaysia, empathize with the suffering of the Syrian people, and believe that violence has to stop and not drag on any longer.''

"the  foreign intervention in the Muslim countries' affairs complicates matters,"concluded Aman.