About 1500 Terrorists Entered Syria in a Week

 ROME,BEIRUT,(ST)_ Sources   in the  "Free Army" militias admitted  that about 1,500 foreign terrorists  crossed the borders to Syria this week  via Turkey, which facilitated their entry at a prior political decision.

The sources told the Italian news Akai  that about 1,500 "hard-line foreign fighters" had entered Syria in batches , within a week from  the Turkish territory into northern Syria under sight  of the "Free Army" militias,  whereas  others  headed  for Iraq , but at a lower  proportion .

The sources added that the Turkish authorities turned a blind eye on these "Islamic extremists" flooding  into Syria because there is a political decision to facilitate their passage to Syria.

 The sources explained that  number of armed foreigners in Syria is estimated at 17 thousand "non-Syrian foreign fighters," noting that the largest group of Arabs,  is of  Saudi nationality, while the largest non-Arab bloc is of a Chechen nationality.

Earlier in the day, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, and special envoy to the Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov  said that  there are hundreds of mercenaries and fighters from various countries, including European countries , the US and  Russian citizens fighting in Syria as combatants in illegal armed groups.

On the other hand the Lebanese Al-Diyar daily stressed  that the Lebanese-Syrian border has become the best  place   for smuggling arms to Syria, revealing that the port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon receives ships carrying weapons that are discharged under the protection of armed fundamentalists who  control the harbor and no one can stop them.

The Lebanese daily  pointed out that ships are transporting the  weapons to al-Abde  area at Akkar 's entrance , where all weapons are smuggled towards Syria.

Worthy mentioning  that  on April 2012, the Lebanese army confiscated  a ship loaded with smuggled weapons heading for  the port of Tripoli.


T. Fateh