UNSC Blacklisted al-Nusara Front

NEW YORK,  (ST) _  The U.N. Security Council on Friday blacklisted al-Nusra Front  terrorist group and added it to its global sanctions list because of its links to. Al-Qaeda Organization

A statement issued by the  UN Security Council sanctions committee  partly reported  by AFP that  " assets  of al-Nusra Front were frozen  at the global level and  it is prohibited from weapons delivery ."

U.S. diplomats had reported earlier that the UN SC 15 members unanimously supported the inclusion of the front on the list of terrorist organizations.

This coincided with   European Union lift  the ban on supplying arms to what it calls "the Syrian opposition,"  while west news reports confirm that al-Nusra front  is an essential component in its  ranks ,n spite of the reservations and objections made by  other  EU 25  member states.

The US, which labeled  "al-Nusra Front on " the US blacklist of terrorist organizations last December over  its relationship and close ties to al-Qaeda welcomed  on Tuesday the EU decision to lift the ban on supplying arms to those described as "Syrian opposition".


T. Fateh