Moscow expects Turkey to clarify arresting Syrian gunmen with sarin

MOSCOW,(ST)_Russia has said that it is waiting Turkey's government to present full details on arresting al-Nusra Front-affiliated Syrian gunmen carrying 2 kg cylinder of nerve agent sarin, stressing that Russia's weapons contracts with Syria do not include internationally banned weapons.

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister said Friday that his country expects the Turkish government to provide full details about arresting Syrian gunmen affiliates to al-Nusra Front with sarin gas.

He expressed Russia's disappointment over the UN inaction towards the demand of investigating the use of chemical weapons in Khan al-Assal area outside the northern Aleppo province.

"We feel great disappointment over the political game of the UN General Secretariat that failed to response immediately to the demand....rather they presented conditions which are, according to us, illogical," Lavrov said.

Repeatedly, he added, we have cautioned that this topic could be provocative and therefore we insist on accurate investigation into any act involving chemical and toxic materials.

"Moscow has welcomed the Syrian government's demand for sending experts to investigate into the incident which happened in Khan al-Assal area."

Yesterday, spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that the terrorist opposition groups and extremists might use chemical weapons to pave the way for foreign military intervention in Syria.

Russia exports arms to Syria under signed contracts

In a separate context, Russian President's Assistant criticized the EU decision to lift arms embargo on opposition in Syria as it doesn't help preparation for the international conference on Syria.

Yuri Ushankov welcomed the Syrian government's intention to participate in the conference, noting that regional countries' participation in the conference is still being discussed.

As for Russia's weapons contracts with Syria, Ushankov made it clear that the contacts are being implemented under signed timetable and includes weapons that are not internationally prohibited.

B. Qaddour