'Doha Coalition' doesn't want dialogue, says Lavrov

MOSCOW,(ST)_Russia's Foreign Minister has underscored that 'Doha Coalition' doesn't want the launching  of political process to resolve the crisis in Syria and seeks for foreign military intervention in it. 

Sergei Lavrov made it clear that the Doha Coalition's call for President Bashar al-Assad's quit as a precondition to take part in Geneva-2 conference due to be held in June is 'impracticable and aims to hamper holding the conference and pave the ground for military intervention in Syria'.

He was speaking in a press conference following talks with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez.

"No-one has the right to issue threats and ultimatums," Lavrov said, asserting the' Doha Coalition' has no positive plan and it is busy with sharing positions, especially presidency.

"The only thing upon which they have agreed is the immediate step aside of President al-Assad. I've felt during my talks with the US and French Foreign Ministers that this condition is unrealistic," the Russian FM said.

Coalition's sponsors hamper dialogue

He added that the opposition coalition and its regional sponsors spare no effort to hamper the political process. "They are dishonest in addressing public opinion in the west as they seek for foreign military intervention in Syria."

Lavrov underlined that the 'opposition coalition' is not the only representative of the Syrian people as they try to depict.

He, in addition, said: "There are other serious forces inside Syria which are ready to take part in the international conference in Syria without preconditions. They have presented constructive base for implementing Geneva Communiqué issued on June 30."

On the other hand, Lavrov cited the readiness of the National Opposition Coordination Commission to participate in Geneva-2 , saying: " Heads of those opposition groups have not left their homeland ….probably they have the right to present those who seeks for reform I Syria."

Yesterday, the Russian FM said that the outside Syrian opposition doesn't feel the Syrian people's suffering.