McCain Sneaks into Syria ,Meets terrorists

WASHINGTON, (ST) _ In a move that shows the extent of US blatant  intervention in Syria 's  internal affairs U.S. Senator John McCain  on Monday, secretly crossed the border into Syria to speak with leaders of armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria, according to his spokeswoman.

While Rachael Dean confirmed McCain stole across the border, she refused to go into details about the trip.

McCain’s visit to Syria also came as the EU decided to drop its arms embargo on the Syrian rebels. The decision came after Britain and France strongly supported the measure and threatened to vote against all restrictions on Syria.

The surprise visit by McCain comes a week after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to provide weapons along with military training to vetted " opposition" groups.

John McCain is part of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. There was no comment from the White House on McCain’s Syria visit. While a State Department official stated the department was aware of McCain’s visit, all questions about it were referred to McCain’s office.

McCain is known  of his great support for the  armed terrorist groups in Syria . He reportedly asked for providing them with  weapons for imposing a no-fly zone over Syrian territory.

Disclosing  McCain's visit came  at a time when the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is preparing to meet with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in capital Paris to discuss Geneva conference 2 dedicated to finding a political solution to end the crisis in Syria.


T. Fateh