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Lavrenteiv: Firm Will to Eradicate the Roots of Terrorism in Syria

 Nur_Sultan, (ST)-The Special Envoy of the Russian President to Syria, the head of the Russian delegation to the talks of Astana, Alexander Lavrenteiv, emphasized that there is a clear determination to continue fighting terrorism in Syria.

"The situation in Syria has been discussed in general, especially in the province of Idlib, where the organization of the terrorist Nusra Front controls most of the area of the province and there is a clear determination to continue combatting terrorism," Mr. Lavrenteiv told a news conference on Thursday in the Kazakh capital, Sultan Nur, on the sidelines of the 12th round of Astana talks on resolving the crisis in Syria.

Mr. Lavrenteiv explained that the talks focused on the formation of a committee to discuss the constitution and the return of Syrian refugees to their country and to help Syria in the reconstruction of what was destroyed by terrorism, noting that the talks are taking place in a practical atmosphere "and we think it will lead to a result that stabilizes the situation in Syria and continue the political process. It is good, he added, that the participants are doing all they can to contribute to advancing the path of resolving the crisis in Syria."

He pointed out that the Russian delegation held a meeting with the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic on coordinating the views and positions on the issues to be discussed in the current round of talks. The Russian side also held a meeting with the Iranian delegation, pointing out that a meeting will be held with the UN Special Envoy to Syria Pedersen, who attends the talks as observers.


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