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Iran Puts CENTCOM on Terrorist List

Majlis (Iranian Parliament) on Tuesday put the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) and the forces, organizations and institutes under its command on the terrorist list, so any kind of cooperation with that is considered a terror act.

The bill was passed in Majlis with 173 yes, 4 nay, and 11 blank votes.

The bill was passed in order to counter the US move to weaken peace and security of the region and the entire world by labeling the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps which is a defense power of Iran as a terrorist group, to put CENTCOM on the terrorist group and any cooperation with that is considered a terrorist move by Iran.

Majlis also passed a bill providing national justice system with jurisdiction to prosecute the commanders of CENTCOM and the organizations and institute at its service. The bill was passed with 168 yes, 6 nays and 8 blank votes.

The bill demands the government and the Armed Forces take the necessary actions so as the US forces will not be able to use their power and facilities against the interests of Iran.

It also demands the Ministry of Intelligence and national intelligence apparatus to provide a list of all the commanders, institutes and organizations that work for CERNTCOM.

The bill required the national justice system to devise preparatory works to set up special court in three months for legal proceedings be held for the people on the list.

The Iranian parliament urged the Ministry of Foreign affair to use whatever legal, political and financial capacities at hand to try to close down the US military bases in the region and put an end to US use of the regional countries' equipment, ficancial sources and facilities.

Majlis also passed legislation that the countries supporting the US decision labeling the IRGC a terrorist group to be included in the legislation.

Today's legislation is in the context of reciprocal action Iran has taken vis-a-vis US President Donald Trump, on April 8, labeling the IRGC, a part of Iran's official armed forces as a terrorist entity.