US Seeks to Eliminate Independent Nations in Mideast: American Analyst

An American political analyst says that the current strategy of the US and its allies in the Middle East is aimed at "eliminating all independent governments” there, according to Press TV.

 “The political strategy that’s currently being pursued by Israel, by Saudi Arabia and by the United States….involves eliminating independent governments in the Middle East,” Keith Preston told Press TV on Friday.

Preston made the remarks when asked about a report that shows the United States is engaged in a military campaign to cut off Syria from its neighbors with the aim of weakening the "resistance axis."

Preston said, “The strategy of cutting off Syria from its neighbors is intended for the purpose of weakening any kind of resistance that is taking place.”

 According to "al-Akhbar" newspaper, the US, along with Britain, seek to cut off Lebanon from Syria by establishing observation posts and gaining influence within Lebanese border units.

American forces are also seeking to embolden their control over the Jordan-Syria-Iraq border and the occupied Syrian al-Tanf region by setting up fortifications and barbed wire fences.

The US already has two bases north of Jordan and is seeking to build a new base northwest of the country.

Despite Syrian and allied military presence on the Syria-Iraq border, the US presence north and south of the region, along with increased Deash activity in the desert, have hampered the establishment of a reliable eastern corridor.