Czech President Reaffirms Cooperation between Erdogan and Daesh Terrorist Organization

PRAGUE, (ST)- President of  the Czech Republic  Miloš Zeman has reaffirmed the existence of real cooperation between president of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan and Daesh terrorist organization.

Zeman was responding to Turkish foreign ministry's criticism against his recent remarks in which he said that Erdogan's regime is Daesh's ally.

These information are real, they are facts, Zeman said, noting the existence of evidence about this cooperation.

"Turkey, under Erdogan, used to buy oil from the terrorist organization in special prices. In 2015, more than one oil tanks convoy, carrying stolen Syrian oil from terrorist-held areas, were shelled while heading towards the Turkish borders. This incident provided a tangible evidence about the trade exchange between Daesh and Erdogan's regime," Zeman made it clear.

 On March 19th, the Czech President said in a TV statement that the Turkish regime is an ally of Daesh  terrorist organization.

Hamda Mustafa