Putin Presents Data to Macron on Staged Provocations With Chem Weapons in Syria

Information about false flag operations by terrorists in Syria was mentioned during phone talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, Sputnik reported.

The presidents discussed the situation in Ukraine and Syria, including the process to find a ppolitical solution to the crisis in Syria.

President Putin renewed Russia's support for a political process to find settlement in Syria and for the return of security and stability to the country.

Putin provided Macron with information about militants attempting to carry out provocations with the use of chemical weapons in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

 The reports about new false flag operations in Syria come after BBC producer Riam Dalati earlier this week said that footage of people being treated following an alleged chemical weapons attack in the Syrian city of Douma was staged.

Back in April, the footage was used as a pretext for missile strikes against the Syrian government, carried out by the US, Britain, and France, despite a lack of evidence. Damascus has repeatedly denied the accusations, while Moscow has stated that claims about the alleged use of toxic chemicals were based on false reports.