Turkish Professor: Erdogan's Policies in Syria a Failure

ANKARA, (ST)- Turkish analyst and professor of international relations Hassan ONal has stressed that Turkey's policies, under Recep Tayyib Erdogan, in Syria are a failure from the very beginning, because they were based on miscalculations.

In a statement to a Turkish TV channel, ONal said that Erdogan has put a bet on the downfall of the Syrian state, but Syria has kept steadfast and foiled all the regional and international schemes which aimed at destroying the region and putting it again under the American and Israeli tutelage.

ONal pointed out that Turkey sought exploiting the Syrian displaced file to serve its calculations in Syria, but this file has become a burden on Turkey due to Syria's steadfastness and victory.

 In the same context, the former Undersecretary of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Farouk Logoglu said a few days ago that Erdogan's policies towards Syria are contradicted and a failure because they lack the minimum level of facts about Syria and the region in general.

Hamda Mustafa