Putin: Combating Int’l Terrorism in Syria is a Priority

MOSCOW-Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that fighting international terrorism, including in Syria, is an absolute priority, SANA reported.

Putin remarks came during a ceremony during which he received the credentials of 23 new ambassadors to Moscow on Thursday.

He pointed out that Moscow is working on solving the crisis in Syria in a way that ensures its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Putin hoped that the reconstruction process in Syria will be a joint task for the international community.

 He pointed out that the issues related to the recovery of the Syrian economy and infrastructure and the return of millions of displaced persons to their homeland, which will reduce the burden of migration in many European countries, are on the agenda now

Russia strongly rejects ‘diktat by force’ in international affairs — Putin

Moscow is committed to the principle of non-interference in domestic affairs of other countries and strongly rejects the use of "diktat by force" on the international arena, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a ceremony to receive credentials from new ambassadors on Thursday, according to Itar Tass.

"Russia is committed to a peace-loving policy and is consistently conducting a responsible foreign policy course," Putin said. Russia, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, advocates basic principles enshrined in the organization’s Charter, namely sovereignty, equality of states and non-interference in their domestic affairs, he stressed.

"We strongly reject the use of politically motivated protectionist measures and diktat by force in disregard of international norms and international law," the president said.

The Russian leader stressed that Moscow’s active participation in global affairs and its openness to partnership and mutually beneficial relations with all countries and regions is based on its core national interest of "ensuring the most favorable conditions of a dynamic development, solving large-scale social and economic tasks and improving Russians’ living standards." "Our citizens want to live in peace and see Russia as a strong and independent state and we seek to do our utmost to strengthen global stability and build a system of equal and indivisible security," Putin said.