UK's Labour Party Says It May Push for Britain’s Remain in the EU

The United Kingdom’s Labour Party has indicated that it may push for Britain’s continued access to the European Union now that talks on the country’s withdrawal from the bloc have hit an impasse,

“ ... If we need to break the impasse our options must include campaigning for a public vote and nobody is ruling out remain as an option,” said Labour’s Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer on Tuesday as he was addressing party members in annual conference in Liverpool, in northwest England.

 Starmer reiterated Labour’s position on the idea of a second referendum on Brexit, with an option to staying in the EU, saying the party still preferred a general election rather than a People’s Vote on Brexit.

The Labour lawmaker of the parliament said, however, that the Labour would definitely vote against a Brexit deal negotiated between Prime Minister Theresa May and the EU if such a deal does not meet Labour’s criteria.

“If Theresa May brings back a deal that does not meet our tests - and that looks increasingly likely - Labour will vote against her deal,” he said, adding May was on course to fail these tests.

EU leaders disappointed May last week when they called on the British premier to rework her Brexit plans. If May fails to go through the parliament with her Brexit deal, there would either be a reshuffle in the leadership of the Conservative Party, which means she would be replaced with another prime minister who will lead renewed Brexit talks, or there would be a situation where ruling party could call snap elections, giving the chance to the opposition Leabour  to form a government and steer Britain through Brexit talks.

During his Tuesday speech, Starmer called for an election to allow a Labour government to navigate Britain’s biggest shift in foreign and trade policy in decades.

Tories hit back at Labour’s renewed calls for voting down a Brexit deal and even campaigning for remaining in the EU, with Conservative Party’s chairman, Brandon Lewis, saying Tuesday that the opposition party was breaking “their promises” and taking “us back to square one on Brexit”.