Keeping the Czech Embassy in Syria Working Serves Interests of Czech Republic, Its Allies

PRAGUE, (ST)- Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Hamáček has stressed that the ministry has no plan to make any changes within the Czech Embassy in Damascus.

In a statement, Hamáček said “the embassy has many things to do and it is accomplishing all its activities very well, which is a matter that bothers some parties.”

He reiterated that “calls for withdrawing the Czech Ambassador in Damascus Eva Filippi don’t serve the interests of the Czech Republic or its allies; on the contrary, the embassy’s presence in Damascus serves these interests.”  

 During his visit to Syria on August 9th, Hamáček affirmed that rightness of his country’s decision to keep the Czech embassy open in Damascus so as to maintain contacts between the two countries and to know what is really going on in Syria in an objective way. He reiterated Prague’s keenness on enhancing the historical relations between Syria and the Czech Republic.

Hamda Mustafa